6 Ways Introverted Job Seekers Get Employed In 2024

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Job seekers face a number of challenges when applying for new positions. In separate articles for Forbes.com, I discuss how solid skills alone are not enough for candidates to secure their dream job in the digital age. It is essential that applicants take three additional actions: regulate their anxiety, refrain from lying on resumes and make sure they “look the part.” And the fact that a full 78% of employers make hiring decisions based on a job seeker’s social media presence, it poses a fourth hurdle for the 40% of the U.S. population who are introverts—for whom maintaining a social media presence can be an overwhelming obstacle. As job seekers consider new careers in 2024, those who are introverts are 25% less likely to land top jobs.

Serial entrepreneur Sandro Okropiridze, co-founder & CEO of STORI, to the rescue. In the run-up to the hiring season, the AI-powered content creation platform has committed to help introverted job seekers. They launched the “New Year—New Career” project that gives away free annual subscriptions to support introverts in their job search and help them build strong personal brands. The goal is to help introverted job seekers achieve four things:

  • Turn raw ideas into engaging ready-to-publish content, acknowledging the challenge introverts face in creating content from scratch
  • Create both copy and visuals for the posts, helping those who lack creativity copy writing and/or design skills
  • Create posts in seconds, pulling any opportunity for procrastination and leaving no excuses not to create engaging content
  • Eliminate any stress of creating and posting content

As a former introvert himself, Okropiridze knows first-hand the challenges of raising your voice in the digital space. He shared his top six tips with me on how introverts can get employed in 2024: build your personal brand, master remote communication, show off your soft skills (also rebranded as durable skills), find an introvert-friendly industry, get interview-ready and ditch the traditional resume.

1. Build Your Personal Brand

With employers searching social media for their next hire, a compelling online presence is imperative, according to Okropiridze. “Get online and engage in discussions, join groups and expand your network,” he urges. “Then get to work, consistently curating content that aligns with your professional identity. The greater your reach, the more opportunities that will arise. Maintaining social media channels can often feel like a full-time role, but AI can ease the workload. Initiatives such as New Year—New Career provide access to an AI tool that generates ready-to-publish content with the click of a button, making it far easier to grow your profiles and connect with hiring managers.”

2. Master Remote Communication

With the rise of remote work, Okropiridze insists that the way we communicate in our professional lives has drastically changed. “You need to practice email etiquette, enhance your video conferencing proficiency and get to grips with online collaboration platforms,” he states. “Once you land an interview, remember that body language makes up 55% of communication, so remove distractions from your desk and keep your eyes on the screen.”

3. Show Off Your Soft Skills

Introverts are often masters of soft skills, he says, so showcase those—listening ability, empathy and attention to detail—that positively impact team dynamics and enhance problem-solving. He further recommends talking up your strengths and emphasize why they’re so crucial to a productive work environment (even if it goes against your nature).

4. Find An Introvert-Friendly Industry

Okropiridze encourages you to focus on applying for jobs in industries that value independent work such as research, programming or content creation. “You will find it far easier to land a role that aligns with your personality and strengths,” he explains. “Thankfully, the prevalence of flexible and remote working today, which provides a positive environment for introverted personalities, means you won’t be short of suitable roles.”

5. Get Interview-Ready

To get ready for the interview, he suggests that you go through a list of common interview questions and prepare responses that showcase your achievements and skills, and emphasize (with examples) how your introverted personality compliments your work style. “Memorize your answers then use mock interviews to refine your delivery,” he says, “ensuring you come across as articulate and self-assured on the big day.”

6. Ditch The Traditional Resume

Okropiridze recommends ditching what he calls “the dull list of qualifications, experience and skills,” and experimening with unique resume formats and visual elements, such as online portfolios or infographics, instead. “Not only will this showcase your creative side,” he concludes, “but visual alternatives allow you to present yourself in an engaging manner that doesn’t require extensive verbal self-promotion.”

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