Alter Launches DNA-Personalized Fitness Platform

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Personal training is getting more personal.

What’s happening: Five years in development, Alter launched a personalized fitness platform using DNA to tailor exercise, wellness, and stress management programs.

Founded by Blake Johnson and Scott Cohen—the team behind billion-dollar orthodontics startup Byte—Alter’s approach revolves around genetic predisposition.

How it works: After mailing a cheek-swab DNA test, Alter analyzes 13 traits marking each users’ response to workouts, dieting, sleep, and stress to develop daily plans.

Powering its ecosystem, in-house coaches deliver training, recovery, and nutrition consults via a 55lb smart screen and app, while the hardware’s sensors and an accompanying wearable create an always-on feedback loop.

Why it matters: To date, at-home fitness mirrors have struggled to keep users engaged.

  • lululemon shuttered MIRROR after paying $500M for the smart screen company.
  • Spanish screenmaker VAHA sold to nutrition company Bioniq, and Chinese challenger Fiture ended new content creation and exited the US.
  • After receiving NYSE delist warnings, FORME acquired vertical climbing brand CLMBR to boost its standing.

Downsizing, Tempo swapped its connected screen for smartphones, integrating wearable data, body scans, and camera-tracked workouts.

Takeaway: Combining digital fitness with personal diagnostics, Alter hopes its screens will become an everyday portal to health optimization.

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