Ananya Panday Attempts A Difficult Yoga Asana, Sets Massive Fitness Goals

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Ananya Panday set fitness goals with her latest workout session! (Photo: Instagram/@ananyapanday)

In the video, the ‘Gehraiyaan’ star placed her feet on the window sill and used the wall for support, while resting on a yoga mat.

Written by Prerna Mittra |Updated : November 21, 2023 7:01 AM IST

When it comes to fitness, we are often interested in what some of our favourite celebrities are doing in order to stay in their best shape and health. While some of them are into yoga, others champion clean eating and working out in the gym. As such, their instructors also take to social media apps to share their progress.

Recently, celebrity yoga instructor and holistic wellness expert Anshuka Parwani, who has trained many Bollywood A-listers, was recently seen helping actor Ananya Panday with a rather difficult yoga asana.

In a video shared on Instagram, Panday was seen attempting and acing her first ever chakrasana walkover. Parwani, who shared the video, wrote: “The walkover is one of those drills, which engage most of the key muscle groups while opening up the heart and throat chakra.”

“Of course, they can be scary at first, but believe me, once you overcome your fear (like most backbends) you will not stop at one,” she added.

In the video, the ‘Gehraiyaan‘ star — dressed in a white sports bra and a pair of black shorts — placed her feet on the window sill and used the wall for support, while resting on a yoga mat. Then, with the help of her instructor, she lifted her upper body off the mat and placed her palms invertedly on the mat. Slowly, she lifted one of her legs and with Parwani’s support, did a slow backflip.

Post this, she assumed a foetal position by bringing her knees close to her face for some downtime.

Chakrasana (Wheel Pose)

According to, chakrasana has the following benefits:

  • It increases energy and heat
  • It strengthens the arms, legs, spine, and abdomen
  • It opens the chest
  • It stretches the shoulders
  • It stretches the hip flexors and core
  • It strengthens the glutes and thighs
  • It increases flexibility in the spine

Caution: Do not attempt this if you have any kind of injury, or are pregnant.

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