Beate Karlsson’s AVAVAV FW23 Collection Fell Apart

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Beate Karlsson‘s AVAVAV has a knack for creating viral runway shows. For Spring/Summer 2023, the designer encouraged her models to trip up in dramatic fashion on the runway, and this season was equally comical to watch as her Fall/Winter 2023 collection literally fell apart.

Speaking on the collection, titled “Fake It Till You Break It,” Karlsson said: “I’ve been asking myself; why is luxury so serious? Is it because we strive to be perfect? Could bad quality still be luxurious? The last collection was all about keeping up a fake projection of wealth and the personal failure of losing face when this illusion crashes. I’m still on that theme, there’s something very interesting about shame and what happens when we are vulnerable. I asked myself; what is the most embarrassing thing that can happen to a fashion house and I figured garments breaking might be it.”

With this in mind, the designer commented on the “superficiality of fashion.” However, as the show continues to go viral on TikTok, many commentators and fans of the brand are looking into how AVAVAV has dissected the problematic industry that is fast fashion.

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First, a bag broke at the end of the model’s walk. Then another’s heels snapped. Soon after, the visor from a cap fell off, and the joke became clear — this was on purpose. Clothes literally unpinned themselves from their structures; trousers exploded off the model to reveal their bare legs and dresses were pulled away from others.

The show, which saw all the attendees with their phones out to capture the antics, concluded with Karlsson coming out for her bow. Only, the step-and-repeat wall fell with a crash behind her, closing the show.

Take a look at the collection and snippets from the runway above.

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