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For the majority of people in the United States looking for legal Bitcoin online casinos, the only legitimate choice will be with social casinos– also known as sweepstakes casinos. For those hoping that US Bitcoin gambling would allow more Americans to play their favorite games, sweepstakes can fulfill that promise. 

Even better news is that the experience of great social casinos has the potential to be as satisfying, and safer, than real money equivalents. 

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Sweepstakes Bitcoin Gambling Casinos Comparison Table

Site  Best For  Bonus Offer  Casino Games Offered  Crypto purchase options Daily reloads + 5% Rakeback with Promo Code MIKBONUS Over 300 games, including slots, table games and unique titles by an in-house team, like Crash and Dice
Fortune Coins  Big jackpot players 140,000 Gold Coins and 500 Fortune Coins as a newcomer bonus 50+ jackpot-focused slots  Sports betting fans Free credit bonus every four hours Enormous game collection of over 500 titles, with live casino options, table games, slot titles and the ability to wager on sports

Win Money Playing at Social Casinos with US Bitcoin Gambling

Gambling in general is illegal in much of the United States, and crypto gambling is broadly illegal as well. This means you can’t win money legally via Bitcoin online gambling. 

However, you can win cash prizes with sweepstakes/social casino alternatives. In fact, there are even sweepstakes Bitcoin online casinos. So, the chance of winning cash prizes with the aid of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, does remain possible; albeit, in an indirect way. Here’s how. 

The basics of the sweepstakes currency system

  • Sweeps casinos are largely legal because they’re not real money betting sites. Instead, you can play games with virtual currencies.
  • These virtual currencies are typically called Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. They may have different names depending on the operator in question. Regardless of the name, they generally work the same way.
  • What distinguishes these two options is that Sweeps Coins, in addition to being for fun, are also sweepstakes entries with the potential to provide real cash prizes. 

Understanding the social casino coins

  • In-play use is the same as real cash. You spin the reels of a slot game, spin the roulette wheel, and draw a card in blackjack in the same way.
  • However, they don’t have to be purchased, and instead must be offered for free for an operator to be considered a social casino. All sweepstakes casinos must allow for use of their games without deposit or purchase. 
  • In terms of how money practically works, the only significant distinction from real money casinos would be the prize redemption. Typically, this requires you to play through your Sweeps Coins at least once and provide banking information (often with a KYC process to confirm your identity). Redemption once minimum requirements are met usually requires a request, similar to any cash withdrawal.
  • For example, requires you to play through your Stake Cash three times, go to your wallet, confirm the amount you want, press ‘Redeem’, and pick the crypto to which you want to redeem that prize to, at a rate of 1 Stake Cash per 1 USD.

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How to play without buying coins

  • There must always be ways to get free Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. In addition, Sweeps Coins are not available for purchase, while Gold Coins can be for the purposes of entertainment. Sweeps Coins may be offered as a bonus with this purchase, though.
  • It’s possible to buy Gold Coins with cryptos in some instances, making sweeps casinos the best Bitcoin online casino sites in the USA, as real money gambling with cryptos is illegal.
  • Both coins can be offered via various promotions. Common examples include daily log-ins, social media offers, competitions, and mail-in requests. 
  • Exact methods offered by the individual social casino may vary. Virtually any kind of giveaway is possible: it all depends on the generosity and imagination of the casino. 

Step-by-step: getting free Sweeps Coins

While each social casino is different, there are common steps you can take to get Sweeps Coins for free. The following should provide a good overview of how best to approach getting Sweeps Coins. If there’s any confusion regarding acquiring coins on a specific casino site, you can always contact customer service for more information. 

  1. Check on the terms and conditions/rules of the site/ the Help section for any and all information on how Sweeps Coins are provided. 
  2. If everything looks good, you can sign up to that social casino. 
  3. Follow the guidelines to receive your Sweeps Coins as laid out. These are usually simple. For example, you may need to log in every now and again and confirm you’d like to get your coins. 
  4. Keep on top of any promotions via the site’s promotional age and social media. There are often giveaways on Facebook. 
  5. Consider the possibility that you may also get free Sweeps Coins with a purchase of Gold Coins. Some sites allow for Bitcoin payments, making them social Bitcoin online casinos. Purchase Gold Coins with this in mind but don’t assume the bonus of Sweeps Coins as a given. 
  6. Play to try and win more Sweeps Coins via the casino games.

Best Bitcoin online casino sites in the USA

While Bitcoin gambling casinos are illegal in the US, there are plenty of great, free social casinos to enjoy. These are three of some of the most popular, which are broadly legal throughout the US (with the exception of Washington): A great legal example of Bitcoin online casinos

If the use of Bitcoin to purchase more Gold Coins for entertainment purposes is vital to your casino experience, then might be the top choice. They allow for crypto purchases and prize redemption, in a simple system that provides competitive cash prizes. On top of that, they are just an all-around solid casino experience, with a strong reputation. 

The combination of software developers like Pragmatic Play, Hacksaw Gaming, and the in-house Stake Originals team craft a world-class library of titles. This includes many which are unavailable elsewhere. Indeed, their minimalist versions of classics like Plinko or Crash may end up being many people’s highlights. 

Their customer service is also reliable – from the Help section to the in-house team. Support is always available and you can even look up answers from previous queries, meaning that, often, you can find an answer in a few clicks. The design of the casino is consistent on both desktop and mobile, although no app is available. 


  • Game quality is consistent  
  • Live games available 
  • Unique titles offered 
  • Site design technically sound 
  • Mobile browser works well 

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Fortune Coins: A Sound Jackpot-Based Non-Crypto Option

To be clear, Fortune Coins and the following recommendations are not crypto sweepstakes casinos, as cryptocurrencies are not offered at all. is the only option which can be  recommended for those who wish to use crypto for payments and prizes. However, if you’re just looking to have fun or are happy to use fiat payment options, then Fortune Coins is a strong choice. 

They are a colorful, jackpot slots-focused casino that do what they can to recreate the excitement of big wins but in a free, fun and legal environment. Considering their popularity, it’s an experience many clearly think they pull off. That’s likely to be partially down to the generosity of their coin giveaways. They have one of the largest welcome offers available, and the quality of their games ensure it’s one that’s well received. 

They may largely stick to slots but most appear to think they do it well. This is backed up by great customer service and design. Do note though, for those looking for cash prizes, the minimum redemption starts at 5000 Fortune Coins. 


  • 50 critically acclaimed casino games
  • Focus on jackpot slots will please many 
  • Strong reputation 
  • Around the clock customer service 
  • Potential to win big, with cash prizes possible. 

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If you’re not interested in cash prizes, and you just want to enjoy the games available for the sake of the fun they can offer, then is tough to beat. There are no sweepstakes here, but there Is a gigantic library of games, which dwarfs almost all legal options throughout the US. 

Part of this is down to the software developers available: Konami, Netent, and Red Tiger are just a few examples of the heavy hitters that call their home. Plus, they bring with them many of their popular titles. 

On top of that, there’s also a professional live casino, featuring many internationally famous titles. You can even predict your favorite sports for fun. In terms of recreating the experience of a real cash casino, it may be ironically the choice with no cash prizes at all which comes out as most accurate. 


  • Over 500 games
  • Quality assured by top software developers
  • Site is well structured and simple to navigate 
  • Sports betting is available
  • Completely free and accessible

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How to Choose a New Sweepstakes Bitcoin Casino

If you’ve made up your mind that Bitcoin online casinos are right for you, then there’s a few things you’ll want to ask yourself to ensure you’ve found an operator that suits you. First, you need to ask yourself: Do they have Bitcoin options? The above examples include as one such social casino Bitcoin option. 

Otherwise, you need to consider deeply what it is you would like from a Bitcoin casino. This includes what games you like, what you’d like to try out, your preferred promotional options, the kind of design you enjoy, how much you’d be willing to spend on coins (if anything), and even practical needs, such as the device you’re using to play. 

Once you’ve got a clear idea of what great Bitcoin online casinos look like, you can then take the following considerations into account to help find your ideal match:


  • Whether Bitcoin is offered
  • If Bitcoin can be used to buy coins 
  • Whether crypto can be used to redeem cash prizes 
  • If the process is simple 
  • The minimum requirements and fees 


  • Reputation and trustworthiness of the operator
  • Data encryption 
  • Privacy policy 
  • Legality in your state 

Variety of games

  • The size of the library of games on offer
  • The variety of titles on offer
  • Whether they have your preferred type of games 
  • The software developers they utilize
  • How well the games run 

Offers and free sweeps

  • The availability of free Sweeps Coins
  • The general quality and fairness of offers
  • Accessibility and ease of use 
  • Creativity
  • Social elements 

Cash prizes

  • If cash prizes are available
  • The minimum requirements for redemption 
  • Ease of the redemption process
  • Generosity of cash prizes generally 
  • Trustworthiness for paying out 

Mobile options 

  • If a dedicated mobile app is available 
  • The availability and caliber of the app 
  • If not, whether there’s an optimized mobile browser 
  • How well the browser options works and the experience provided
  • All in all, how the mobile options stack up against the desktop counterparts 

Why Choose a Bitcoin Online Gambling Social Casino? 

Just in case you’ve not made up your mind on Bitcoin social casinos being right for you, here are five benefits worth considering:

  1. Bitcoin allows for safe, anonymous transactions: The practical and security benefits of Bitcoin still stand when it comes to social casino gaming.
  2. The quality of these casinos can be as good as any real money equivalent: As you can see from, there’s no loss in quality when using this type of casino.
  3. Social casinos are much more broadly legal: You can play sweepstakes casinos legally in many more states than real money options.
  4. Win cash prizes safely: Not only does the legitimacy of sweepstakes casinos with crypto make them safer, but the capacity to play for cash prizes without the need for purchase, deposit or any form of gambling also reduces risk.
  5. The focus on fun: Probably the best thing about these Bitcoin sweeps gaming options is that, by and large, they’re about enjoying the games and having fun above all else. You needn’t spend a penny if you don’t want to, and can just enjoy your favorite games for free. Everyone should keep that in mind when playing casino games online. 

Conclusion – Bitcoin Sweepstakes Online Casino Sites Mean More Games for More People

The reason so many people are looking for Bitcoin online casinos with sweepstakes is that they allow many who wouldn’t otherwise be able to legally and legitimately enjoy their favorite games to do so. For a great deal of US residents, real money gambling is prohibited, meaning that social casinos are the only safe option. 

In addition, many of those prefer to complete any purchases with Bitcoin for practical and security reasons.That’s why the likes of – which offers both these things alongside a solid casino experience and a good reputation – are so important for opening up the casino experience to a larger demographic of Americans. 

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Bitcoin Online Casinos FAQs

Are Bitcoin social casinos available and legal? 

Yes, while cryptocurrency gambling is illegal in the US – as is real money gambling in a lot of states – social casinos are not (with the exception of Washington). Therefore, social casinos with Bitcoin are entirely legal. And they’re available, with being a prime example. Do note, you should always check the legitimacy of any site you’re considering before signing up. 

Is using Bitcoin on social casino sites safe?

Yes, as long as the social betting site in question itself is legitimate, legal and secure. If so, you’re safe as you are using Bitcoin to purchase anything else online. This means that your transactions are secure and you can purchase and use the site with confidence. That said, there are always inherent risks in all cryptocurrencies due to their fluctuating values – which is, of course, beyond the control of any social casino operator. 

What can I use Bitcoin for on crypto sweepstakes casino sites?

On social casino sites which offer Bitcoin as a payment option, it’s generally available for the purchase of Gold Coins and also as a method to redeem any cash prizes. The in-site coins are entirely for entertainment purposes. You’re essentially buying additional entertainment in the form of more play time. The purchase does not create any monetary value in the Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins. 

Can Bitcoin be used to purchase Sweeps Coins on social casino sites?

It’s not possible to buy Sweeps Coins with any payment method, including BItcoin, on legitimate social casino sites. These in-site currencies act as sweepstakes entries, with the potential to be redeemed for cash prizes when minimum requirements are met, and cannot be purchased. However, you may purchase Gold Coins with Bitcoin on some site, and Sweeps Coins could be provided as an additional bonus. 

Do I need to make a purchase to use a Bitcoin social casino site?
No, while a Bitcoin casino site may allow you to use crypto to buy Gold Coins for additional play, all sweepstakes casinos must provide free ways of obtaining both Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins in order to use the site. In other words, all social casinos must be available completely for free to be considered legitimate. 

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