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Cryptocurrencies are about allowing more people to have access to what they want to buy and the services they want to use; exactly how they want to pay for them. Social casinos allow more people to play their favorite games. 

That’s why they’re the ideal combination. They’re both about greater access – in this case, to legal casino experiences. Plus, social casinos can offer cash prizes and generous promotions, like the exclusive 5% rakeback offer at with the code MIKBONUS. Keep reading to find out how this is possible and what your best sweepstakes US crypto gambling options are. 

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Social Crypto Gambling Casinos Comparison Table

Site  Best For  Bonus Offer  Casino Games Offered  The ability to buy and play Gold Coins with crypto Gold Coin and Stake Cash reloads every day. Plus, 5% rakeback with code MIKBONUS Hundreds of games from Pragmatic Play, Hacksaw Gaming and Stake Originals. Everything from blackjack and slots to Keno and Crash covered
Fortune Coins  Huge prizes Registration offers include 500 Fortune Coins and 140,000 Gold Coins Over 50 games, many of which are jackpot slots  Live casino fans and those missing sportsbook predictions  Reloaded credits every four hours 500+ casino games, in addition to sportsbook

Can You Win Money Playing at Crypto Casinos?

Surprising though it may sound considering that online crypto gambling is illegal in the US – and many forms of real money gambling are prohibited across the majority of states – you can win cash playing at a sweepstakes crypto casino. 

This is because social betting is not gambling at all. Instead, you’re playing casino games for the purposes of entertainment – simply for fun. 

There’s also sweepstakes, meaning that prizes – even cash prizes – may be legally won. Those are the basic facts as to how you can win cash on social casinos which accept crypto. It’s as simple as that.  

How does the currency system work?

The first thing to understand about social crypto betting sites is that, although they accept crypto as payment, they use virtual currencies to play casino games. That’s because these are not real money gambling sites.

These virtual currencies are typically twofold:

  • Gold Coins: are purely for fun and can be purchased as an option to extend gameplay.
  • Sweeps Coins: can be redeemed for cash prizes and cannot be bought. 

These may go by different names but operate across bookmakers the same way.

The purchase of Gold Coins with crypto (or any other type of payment) doesn’t provide them with any monetary value. Sweeps Coins can also be offered as a bonus with Gold Coins purchase. 

Both must be offered without the need for purchase via promotional options, meaning you can play with no deposit necessary. 

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Playing games with virtual currencies: Three things you should know

  1. On a practical level, the way you play virtual currencies is the same as with real money bets. In other words, the games themselves and the mechanics of placing a bet are identical – it’s simply the value of the tokens which have changed.
  2. Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins also work the same way. Although, there’s more at stake with the latter, as most sites only allow you to redeem for real cash once your Sweeps Coins have been played through a certain amount of times.
  3. You cannot in any social casino legally play directly for money. The in-site currencies are to facilitate the fun, not provide real betting. 

Can you really play without buying coins?

Yes. To be absolutely clear, there’s no initial deposit required. The promotions offered by social casinos must not be like the deposit offers you may find on real money casinos, where you only receive a bonus once you’ve deposited or spent a certain amount. 

Access to social casino coins and their games must be free. All purchases have to be optional for any sweepstakes crypto online casinos to be considered legitimate. 

In terms of practicalities, the only difference between a real money casino and social casinos is the process of accessing funds. Here, you can get your initial funds through promotions, while real money casinos require you to make a deposit. If anything, the social casino option is likely to be easier and is certainly a great deal more accessible.

Seven ways you could get free Sweeps Coins for US crypto gambling

All sweepstakes casinos have their own ways you can receive Sweeps Coins, and thus, the chance to win cash prizes through sweepstakes entries. Really, the only limit is the creativity and generosity of the operator. Regardless, there are certain types of promotions that come up regularly and can give you an idea of the kind of offers you can expect. With that in mind, here are seven examples:

  1. Registration: Get Sweeps Coins simply by signing in. 
  2. Social media giveaways: Be sure to keep on top of their social media pages for more information. 
  3. On-site competition: Lots of social casinos offer Sweeps Coins for contest winners. 
  4. Timed log-ins: The specifics may vary but plenty of social casinos reward you for logging in regularly. It’s common for daily log-in promotions to be available. 
  5. Mail-in request: Often, operators will provide you with Sweeps Coins just for sending them a letter with the request. 
  6. Bonus when buying Gold Coins: It’s never guaranteed, but you can sometimes get Sweeps Coins as a bonus when buying Gold Coins. 
  7. Winning through play: Remember, you can win Sweeps Coins via the casino games too. 

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The Finest Crypto Online Gambling Options and Beyond

To give you the most comprehensive view of your social casino options, it’s important to have a broad overview of what’s available. 

Of course, on the top of every list of recommendations needs to be social crypto online casinos. However, it’s also important to take into account other options – for instance, those looking for fiat currencies and even for something suited to those who don’t want to spend a penny. Put simply, there’s a social casino option for everyone. Here’s three which exemplify that: Arguably Amongst the Best Crypto Online Casino Sites in the USA

For many people, there’s no better social casino which offers sweepstakes gaming and crypto gambling than The variety of cryptos available is broad. You have the ability to buy Gold Coins and redeem your Stake Cash with Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Ripple, Dogecoin, BitcoinCash and Tether. And with a dollar per Stake Cash being offered, it’s a generous redemption offer – so long as you make it through the 3x playthrough requirement. 

Cryptos can also help towards receiving Sweeps Cash in a roundabout way too. That’s because buying Gold Coins can also lead to Sweeps Cash being offered as a bonus. 

This is all backed up by variety and quality throughout. has a strong  library of games. Pragmatic Play and Hacksaw Gaming take care of the slots, while the Stake Originals in-house team picks up the lesser-known titles, with some being exclusive to the site. It’s also easy to use and has reliable customer service, further explaining its broad appeal amongst even the top crypto online casinos. 


  • Available throughout the USA 
  • Broad selection of cryptos available
  • Each Stake Cash can be redeemed for a dollar
  • Creative game selection 
  • Trustworthy software developers

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Fortune Coins: No Cryptos but Plenty of Big Wins 

While not as versatile at – they aren’t part of the library of best crypto online casino sites in the USA, as they only offer fiat currencies – there’s no doubt that Fortune Coins knows its audience. They deliver a colorful experience. They boast an in-your-face aesthetic that some will love but may put others off. More specifically, they’re aimed at slot fans, especially those who like their slots to offer the potential for big jackpot wins. 

This is backed up by generous bonuses, such as their massive welcome promotion. Plus, there’s a healthy redemption system similar to but without crypto options. Importantly, this means those big jackpots can really help recreate the fun of real money gambling with a much reduced risk. Backing this up is solid fundamentals, such as 24/7 customer service and fast banking. However, there’s no app available at the time of writing. 


  • Popular choice for fiat currency social casino users
  • Welcome offer provides 500 Fortune Coins and 140,000 Gold Coins
  • Colorful design will appeal to many 
  • Exemplary customer service options 
  • Big jackpot focus gives them unique appeal 

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The importance of sweepstakes prizes comes down to the individual. For many people, the entire point of social casinos is to just have fun, enjoy their favorite titles, and perhaps even discover new games. has been crafted with exactly these people in mind. 

If you’re after cash prizes, look elsewhere. If you want crypto gambling casinos, you’ll have to stick with But if you just want to play and don’t mind buying any additional credits you want for entertainment with fiat currency, then their 500+ game library is amply stocked. 

Plus, their quantity is also backed up by the quality of software developers like Red Tiger, Habanero and Greentube. They also have a unique selling point thanks to their ‘Sports Zone’ offering, where you can ‘bet’ on your favorite sports for free. The casino also goes above and beyond with a live casino. Furthering the appeal of is their simplicity, accessibility, and offers, which include free credit bonuses every four hours and free spins. The sturdiness of the site is also highly acclaimed for being both technically sound and easy to use. 


  • Broad and versatile game library 
  • Popular site design 
  • Easy to use 
  • Straightforward free credits system 
  • Top-tier reputation

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How to Choose a New Crypto Casino

The first step for finding the best crypto online casino sites in the USA is to check out some top recommendations – just as is recommended above. That provides a foundation to decide what’s ideal for you from crypto online casinos. Considering the following subjects should give you a fine foundation to investigate and consider any US crypto gambling options you may be interested in:

Security credentials and banking 

You should never compromise when it comes to your security. First and foremost, you must check the legitimacy and legality of any casino you’re interested in. Social casinos are broadly legal in the USA, but individual credentials must still be assessed. 

On top of that, reputation, privacy policy and data encryption are all vital. This is especially the case if you plan on purchasing coins. And of course, crypto availability is key for anyone looking for social crypto casinos. The process of purchase must also be easy, trustworthy and fair. 

Casino library 

The quality and variety of the games is paramount to any casino fan’s experience. You’ll certainly want to check they have a library that interests you. 

A quickfire way of checking on quality is to see the software developers behind the games. And remember, a social casino means you can always try them out for free to see for yourself if they are fun and a good fit for you. 

Free coins 

Alongside the ability to purchase more Gold Coins with crypto, a sweepstakes crypto casino must also allow for many ways to enjoy free coins. The quality here largely comes down to the ease of getting free coins and the generosity of the giveaways, but also the fun that can be had utilizing such promotions. Competitions, for instance, are a great bonus way of getting free coins while providing extra enjoyment and a sense of community. 

The redemption process

For those looking for sweepstakes prizes from crypto social casino sites, the redemption process is paramount. Vital here is how Sweeps Coins are collected, what has to be done so they can be redeemed, what minimums apply and, ultimately, how much you’ll receive when you trade them in. 

Design quality 

This is about both looks and experience. You want a casino to transport you into your own personal casino paradise, and that can look different for each individual. So, look around and see what appeals to you. 

What should appeal to everyone, though, is technically sound sites and apps which are a breeze for anyone to use while providing plenty of depth. 

Every Part of your Crypto Online Casinos Journey Should be a Joy

The news here is almost entirely positive. Sweepstakes casinos will very likely be legal in your state (with the exception of Washington). Some options also offer crypto payment methods, which you can use to enhance your experience. But, you don’t have to spend a penny if you don’t want to – and can even win prizes without any purchase or deposit. 

Crypto social casinos simply open the experience up to as many people as possible. Keep in mind, too, because they’re free, you can approach them in an entirely stress-free manner. Whether it be or any other option, you can simply try them out with no risk to see what works for you. Ultimately, there’s no reason that the overwhelming majority of Americans reading this shouldn’t be able to approach crypto social casinos with confidence in their quality, appeal, and safety. 

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Can crypto social casinos really be used to win real cash prizes? 

Yes. Social casinos are also known as sweepstakes casinos, which means that prizes can be won by playing them. The way this typically works is as follows:

  1.  You need to collect Sweeps Coins. 
  2. Next, play them through (the number of times is set by the individual casino).
  3. You can then redeem them for prizes.

 A crypto social casino is simply one where cryptocurrencies are available for banking.

Can I buy Sweeps Coins? 

You cannot buy Sweeps Coins directly. They must be offered through promotions. Instead, cryptos can be used for the redemption process and the purchase of Gold Coins, which cannot be redeemed for prizes but are just for fun. Sweeps Coins may be offered as a bonus with the purchase of Gold Coins. So, cryptos can have an impact on how many Sweeps Coins you get, but indirectly and through bonus prizes. 

Are sweepstakes crypto casinos legal in the United States?

Gambling in most of its forms is illegal throughout the US, including crypto gambling. However, social casinos are not gambling and are, therefore, legal in the overwhelming majority of the country (with the exception of Washington). Cryptocurrencies used for purchasing entertainment – which is what social casino games are – is also not prohibited in any broad sense. This means sweepstakes crypto casinos are legal in most of the USA. 

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