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From one of a kind wedding gowns to breathtaking evening and cocktail dresses — Denver Fashion Week (DFW) captivated the audience on night seven with eight outstanding couture designers. 

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Hosted by T.V. personnel and co-host of Tegna’s “Daily Blast Live,” Erica Cobb, DFW introduced a whole new lineup of couture designers. With a performance from Sauce. K, who won 303 Magazine’s first ever Entertainer competition — the night truly showcased some of the best talent.

Each designer played around with fabrics, bold colors and lots of hand beading and sequins to create a true couture collection — which was certainly noted by the audience.  

Sir Algernon

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Algernon D. Johnson has been designing since he was 12. With that being said, his couture expertise truly came through in his first ever Denver Fashion Week collection. 

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With a passion for his designs, Johnson’s gowns showed their individuality and upscale glam. Through unique prints and exquisite lining — it was visible in each gown that Johnson added his special touch to fit his designs perfectly to his models.

“My designs are like my children,”  Johnson said. With exaggerated silhouettes and dramatic textures, Johnson’s dresses showed the crowd what true couture is.

Tara Hari Couture

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Tara Hari Couture introduced the audience to texturized, shiny fabrics and unique shapes making for a jaw-dropping collection. The combination of bold colors, feathers and intricate stitching truly brought designer Tara Hari’s second DFW collection to life.

With this in mind, Hari tailored each hairstyle and garment to match each model’s personality. 

“I know exactly what is good for you, we talk for one hour, and I get to know the person first,” Hari said.

Miss Victoria Regina X MOTWURF 

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The collaboration of Miss Victoria Regina and MOTWURF was a mix of old school elegance and some of the best hat work Denver has ever seen. Austrian couture designer, MOTWURF, provided each model with a timeless garment and paired each look with a hat from Miss Victoria Regina. This combination was the ultimate duo making for a one of a kind collection.

MOTWURF designer Marlene Talavera described the collection as, “Turning traditional Austrian clothing into timeless staple pieces.” With a Spanish rose as the forefront of the collection, the duo truly mixed culture with couture in the most refreshing way possible. 

Regina’s hats provided different shapes and sizes, with a variety of colors and materials. Regina plays with 3D factors by shaping hats differently and using tulle and other fabrics to vamp up each look. 

The collection provided both a feminine and timeless style. The daring and fearless hat silhouettes added the perfect touch to MOTWURF’s timeless pieces. 


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NARCES debut collection showed uniqueness through 3D floral embellishments. Designer, Nikki Wirthensohn Yassemi, curated her designs by playing with textures — using metallics and bright neon colors and using laser cut. 

Yassemi talks about some of the inspiration behind her pieces and says that the female body is her canvas, “I have pieces that embellish the female body,” Yassemi said. 

Her designs included hand beaded dresses with lots of crystals, sheer, and sequins, creating a delicate yet classic style.

Couture To The Max 

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7-year old, Max Alexander or Couture To The Max had the crowd on their toes and rightfully so. For his Fashion Week debut, Alexander created a collection that was carefully crafted yet still showcased his youthful personality. With playful music by ABBA, sparkly dresses and colorful gowns — his style truly showed through.

“I love all the sparkles,” Alexander said. 

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The first dress that hit the runway was designed for his sister and he closed with one of his favorites titled the “Firework Dress.”  

While still curating elegant silhouettes, Alexander played with texturized fabrics and wove feathers into each model’s hair. His inspiration for his first ever DFW collection comes from creating clothes for his mom and sister, it’s why some of those pieces were seen throughout his collection — like the one his mother, Sherri Madison wore to the Streamys.

Needless to say, Alexander showed why couture can still hold meaning and be fun. 


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As soon as Sanitago’s models hit the runway, the audience was immediately transported to the 40s’ and 50s’. From the bell shape of the gown to the music — Santiago truly had the audience in the palm of his hand.

Combining old school glamour with pearls and roses, allowed models to immerse themselves in the collection — it showed in their walk as their hands posed with them. The silhouettes included a circle skirt bottom with tulle layering.

From the model’s demeanor to the exquisite designs, Santiago’s collection left its mark — the collection was a perfect throwback. 

Lisa Marie Couture

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Lisa Marie Couture debuted a glamorous wedding-esque Denver Fashion Week collection.

Marie’s collection included five evening looks with a “jewel tone” and five bridal looks that are a “classic touch off beat.” Marie played with fabrics and sequins to add sparkle to the gowns — which extremely evident in the light.

Two of Marie’s gowns were fully beaded, head to toe, showing off both detail and elegance — you could even hear the beads as the model strutted the runway 

Marie explains that she loves the “slinkiness” that the sequins provide throughout the gown. With her passion being focused on slow and ethical fashion, she does everything on her own. 

“I want to send a message of curation, when you put intention behind what you’re wearing, you’re making a statement,” Marie said.

Guillermo Pharis 

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Guillermo Pharis closed the show with his beautiful ballgowns. Guillermo finds inspiration in everything and it’s shown throughout his pieces. 

“I am inspired by so much, movies, music, and nature are inspired into the prints,” Pharis said.

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With a new take on glamor, the collection showed real, bold women. With silky, high end fabrics and heavy beaded dresses and suits, the collection was a celebration of elegance. 

Pharis said that a majority of his business is with wedding gowns — throughout his DFW collection it was evident as to why.  

The way each garment glistened in the light and the fabrics draped across the model had the audience in awe so much so that it was nearly quiet as each dress was presented. 

Gowns were also paired with breathtaking veils and gloves. One veil had a unique non traditional twist that was styled around the model’s neck rather than over her face. It truly showed why Pharis is a master coutureé.

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