Does Brandon Marshall know something we don’t about Aaron Rodgers?

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No idea at all what is going on here.
Screenshot: IG/Brandon Marshall

Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers has reportedly emerged from his darkness retreat, during which time he reflected on his life, his career, and the possibility of making a film about his darkness retreat. Rodgers said he would let the world know about his decision to play or retire in 2023 after emerging from the soft cocoon of enlightenment (endarkenment?). Which makes this video posted by former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall to his Instagram tonight really awkward.

“So I wanted to be the first to say, ‘Salute to Aaron Rodgers for a phenomenal career.’ You are one of the greatest,” Marshall tells the camera. “Me personally? You’re my favorite quarterback ever. Favorite. Aaron Rodgers, congratulations on a phenomenal career. You won a Super Bowl…hell, I never even make it to the playoffs. You should be proud, bro. Your name and your team, that team, forever sketched in the history of the NFL. Your kids’ kids’ kids’ kids’ is going to be able to see that. You won back to back MVPs. Then you won three MVPs. You’re phenomenal. It’s okay to walk away, bro. There’s nothing left to prove. Go travel the world. Go explore. Go build your family.”


We are confused, to say the least.

Not sure what to say about all that, other than that Marshall seems to have information about Rodgers’ future plans that are unknown to the public at large. He alternately sounds like he’s congratulating Rodgers on a decision that’s already been made, and urging Rodgers to retire, which … have we ever seen that before?

Didn’t we just have a quarterback who sure seemed like he played a whole extra season just to spite the guy who broke the news of his retirement first? And if that’s how Tom Brady reacted to getting scooped about his own retirement, image how well Aaron Rodgers, Mr. Critical Thinker himself, is going to handle it. Can’t wait to hear what Joe Rogan thinks of all this.

More on this story — if this is even a story — as it develops.

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