Eye on Travel — Kigali, Rwanda — December 9, 2023 – Peter Greenberg Travel Detective

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This week’s broadcast of Eye on Travel is from the World Travel and Tourism Council annual Global Summit in Kigali, Rwanda. Peter will have all the latest global travel updates, and the latest on the proposed purchase of Hawaiian Airlines by Alaska Airlines. And the latest on airfares starting to drop around the world. Peter then sits down with James Thornton, CEO at Intrepid Travel, who talks about the brave new (and essential) world of responsible travel. And then we pivot to a different form of responsible travel — what the travel industry is doing to help people with disabilities. John Sage, CEO of Sage Inclusion, on the real challenges still there for these travelers. Then a look back at a very strange travel time in America with author John Wigger and his new book, “The Hijacking of American Flight 119: How D.B. Cooper Inspired a Skyjacking Craze and the FBI’s Battle to Stop It”. There’s all that and much more on this week’s Eye on Travel.

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