Fashion News: Brands offer collections and items for winter 2024

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Lee Cooper’s branded jeans come in a collection alongside fashionable functional items for the standout winter trends of 2024. The women’s and men’s collections offer a variety of precise sizes and cuts, from skinny to oversized. They feature denim items such as pants, jackets, button-up shirts, dresses, and skirts, alongside elegant and everyday pieces like suits, coats, t-shirts, cardigans, sweatshirts, and more. 

These items incorporate effects such as washes, monochromatic colors, prints, textures, and various fabrics such as leather, nylon, knit, and more. The jeans collection serves as the foundation and guiding line of the collection, maintaining its iconic character while constantly renewing and staying up-to-date. This collection is based on dark wash denim fabrics, classic cuts with slim legs, and a focus on the Martin Slim cut.

Furthermore, the group includes comfortable denim-like fabric models. The group maintains the character of the most iconic jeans associated with the brand. The second group is characterized by lighter washes, emphasis on new and dominant metallic accessories, tears, and abrasions. A more updated look that draws inspiration from the latest trends and what is happening today in fashion shows and the world of jeans, mainly expressed in the Colin cut. Additional collections for the upcoming winter season: a black and white collection – WHITE & BLACK, the natural collection – NATURE, and the colorful collection – DIGITAL.

Price ranges for items from the Winter 24 collection: 129-199 shekels. Available at branches nationwide and on the online website.

The first clothing collection by HOKA over the years, the HOKA brand has made a breakthrough not only in footwear and sports collections but also in lifestyle areas, with deepening and expanding the outdoor and travel models, and now also in the world of sportswear. Now, the fashionable clothing collection of the running and walking shoe brand is landing in Israel for the first time.

The Lee Cooper brand launches a jeans collection among other winter collections for 2024 (credit: Shai Tamir)

The AWAKEN ENERGY clothing collection of the brand, launched this week, is a colorful, energetic, comfortable, and functional capsule that does not compromise personal style and style. The collection allows sports enthusiasts and fashion lovers to combine their two passions and achieve a sporty and trendy look, including clothing and footwear. The collection consists of training and competition clothing and the top models of HOKA shoes in designs suitable for the full performance.

 This is the first preview of the brand’s clothing collection, with the full collection expected to arrive in Israel in the first quarter of 2024. What’s in the collection? Well-designed, colorful, and energetic sportswear for men and women, including windbreakers, running shirts, women’s running bodysuits, unisex hats, and shorts.


This is alongside the iconic shoe models of the brand: MACH X, ROCKET X 2, CLIFTON 9, and BONDI 8, which match the colors of the collection’s clothing items and create a perfect set. In parallel with the launch of the collection, the new trading site of NEW RUN, the official importer of HOKA in Israel, is being launched, which has undergone a facelift and provides a new, easy, and user-friendly comfort experience. Meir Kanner, CEO of NEW RUN, the official importer of HOKA in Israel, said: “I am excited to end 2023, with all its complexity, with the introduction of the first-ever collection of HOKA clothing in Israel. 

Men’s and women’s running shorts Men’s running shirt Women’s running tank top and hat (credit: HOKA, PR)

The AWAKEN ENERGY collection symbolizes the deepening touch of the brand in the country and represents the complement that so many people have been waiting for. Alongside the comfortable, professional, and high-quality shoes, now comes the colorful and energetic collection that expresses the uniqueness and excellence in each one.” The brand’s items can be found in HOKA concept stores in the Mandarin complex and at M Mall, at New Run, the official importer of HOKA, on the website, and in selected stores.

In its fourth season with Simanovich after three successful collections, Israeli fashion website TERMINAL X launches its fourth collection with international model Coral Simanovich. The collection, launched under the joint brand TERMINAL X CORAL SIMANOVICH, will include unique items designed by TERMINAL X together with Simanovich, drawing inspiration from recent fashion trends. 

A new collection for Terminal X with Coral Simanovich, price range for the collection items: NIS 120-350. (credit: Andres leon)

The joint collection was designed within the innovative concept led by TERMINAL X, where they produce capsule items and limited edition fashion collections in collaboration with celebrities and opinion leaders who have a unique style. This is part of the innovation, leadership, and unique fashion that the website has promoted in recent years. Simanovich is a leading fashion model and is internationally recognized for her style choices.

Therefore, the new collection, the cuts and the choice of colors, are based on Simanovich’s personal taste together with the fashion designers of TERMINAL X. In recent years, she has been living in Barcelona with her footballer husband Sergio Roberto and their two children, and therefore the campaign photos for the fourth collection with TERMINAL X took place in their hometown. 

kawayan glasses model pie pie. The price: NIS 950 (credit: MIRI DAVIDIVITZ)

The new and winter collection of the brand TERMINAL X CORAL SIMANOVICH is characterized by monochromatic colorfulness for the Israeli winter in shades of brown, blue, black and touches of pastel colors. Among the items, you can find jeans, a mini cargo skirt, a bomber jacket in faux leather, and a trench coat made of wool.

The price range for collection items is 120-350 shekels. The collection is available for purchase on the TERMINAL X fashion website, with fast shipping and the option of return and exchange with a courier to your home.

The brand KAWAYAN, created by designer and artist Anat Hafetz, celebrates two years and renews itself with unique eyeglasses and sunglasses in a minimalist production line, with only 30 units of each model. According to the designer: “The design and production process was complex because the industry is not built for small-scale production. In the initial stage, we created two beautiful models, the PIE PIE model with a chrome or black metal frame, and the LIN LIN model, eco-friendly sunglasses with high-quality ZEISS lenses in glossy black, matte, transparent, or delicate pattern.” KAWAYAN’s sunglasses and eyewear are characterized by a unique twist and are suitable for people who do not follow trends,” adds the designer. “The eyewear is another step in building my personal brand, KAWAYAN, as a lifestyle brand that currently includes clothing, jewelry, hats, scarves, accessories, and now also eyeglass frames, and we are only at the beginning of the journey.”

In the picture, PIE PIE eyeglasses: the price: 950 shekels, including a luxurious hard box, imitation leather with magnetic closure. Available at KAWAYAN Studio, 19 Hordim Street, Savion.

These are yoga sneakers for men and women, the price is NIS 835 (credit: PR)

Alo sneakers are launching simultaneously in stores and on the American website. The beloved activewear brand, Alo Yoga, is also launching its professional and luxurious sneaker collection for women and men in Israel. The vegan shoes come in shades of white on white and black on white for both women and men. The sneakers are designed for sports activities such as running, walking, or working out, and they feature a high sole and a short tongue for a fashionable and everyday casual look.

The price is 835 shekels. 

Size range: white on white – 36-45, black on white 36-46. Available at Alo Yoga stores in TLV Mall, Ramat Aviv Mall, and the Storey store at Dizengoff Square 94, Tel Aviv.

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