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Game Boy AdvanceNintendo Switch Online will add Metroid Fusion on March 8, Nintendo announced.

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With its arrival, you’ll be able to experience Samus Aran’s full journey across the 2D Metroid series on Nintendo Switch, beginning with the original Metroid game on the NES – Nintendo Switch Online library through her most recent mission on Nintendo Switch in Metroid Dread!

In Metroid Fusion, interstellar bounty hunter Samus Aran is attacked by an X parasite while exploring the mysterious planet SR388. This organism is not only deadly, but it can mimic the abilities of any creature it infects—including Samus herself! Saved from the brink thanks to an infusion of Metroid DNA, the X parasite’s only natural predator, she soon discovers that the parasite has spread to the research station orbiting SR388. Weakened and out of options, Samus must do whatever it takes to destroy the X threat before it’s too late.

Embark on this critical mission alongside Samus and experience classic Metroid gameplay while exploring a massive research station teeming with hostile life forms. Collect power-ups—including favorites like Morph Ball and Screw Attack—uncover a multitude of secrets and experience the adventure that links Super Metroid™ to Metroid Dread. But be wary, because the dreadful SA-X, an unstoppable X parasite mimicking Samus, is on the loose… and it’s coming for you.

Once Metroid Fusion arrives, if you want to enjoy the main Metroid series in order, you can play Metroid on the NES – Nintendo Switch Online library, Metroid II – Return of Samus on the Game Boy – Nintendo Switch Online library, Super Metroid on the Super NES – Nintendo Switch Online library, Metroid Fusion and then conclude with the latest installment on Nintendo Switch, Metroid Dread. Plus, if you’re an intrepid bounty hunter, you can branch out and play the Metroid Prime Remastered game, which is available now!

Watch the announcement trailer below.

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