Here’s the Pet You Should Adopt, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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If you’re looking for celestial guidance to finding the perfect pet, then look no more! Astrology is the ultimate cosmic guide that can help us live our best lives, like pinpointing the pet you should adopt, according to your zodiac sign. Your pet can be the most cherished friendship you’ll ever have, which is why there are so many cosmic forces bringing you together.

While looking for the purrrfect fur friend can be daunting, you can look toward your zodiac sign to find the best pet that will match your personality and lifestyle. Is your zodiac sign best suited for an active dog, like a hardworking German Shepherd or high-energy Sheltie? Maybe your zodiac sign would best get along with a long-haired Persian or a sassy tortoiseshell. Although cats and dogs are amazing fur friends, there are many more options to explore beyond these two types of pets. The cosmos may even infer that you could fall in love with the process of setting up a beautiful saltwater tank to host an array of brightly colored fishes. An exotic pet could even be written in the stars, so you could become the proud owner of a daunting tarantula or the companion to a chatty macaw.

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Do you have a four-legged friend, aquatic pal, or scaly buddy written in the stars? Keep reading to see what pet you should adopt based on your sun sign and/or rising sign:

The Pet Your Zodiac Sign Should Adopt

Woman with her dog

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Aries: Adopt a Big Dog

Are dogs man’s best friend or are they actually Aries’ best friend? One of the only pets that would match Aries’ quick and active lifestyle would be a dog! As a fast-paced fire sign who’s always on the go, Aries needs a pup that not only keeps up with them, but forces them to step up their game! Since dogs are typically versatile pets, Aries would likely enjoy the challenge of training their pup. Although any dog breed would be perfect, Aries might have a soft spot for breeds from the working group, sporting group and herding group. 

Woman with her pet rabbit

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Taurus: Adopt a Rabbit

Sweet Taurus will need a personable, yet adorable pet that you could done on all day long, so a rabbit will be the perfect match! A bunny’s floppy ears, little hops and wiggly nose are practically irresistible to Taurus. Once Taurus is smitten with their cute rabbit, Taurus will fall even further in love since rabbits are incredibly social animals with lively, curious personalities. These entertaining fur friends will make the perfect cuddly pet for Taurus. Plus, rabbits can also be trained to use the litter box, which is a pro! Don’t underestimate them, because the only way to unlock the beauty of a rabbit’s personality is by actively spending time with them as much as possible. You’ll never be without a friend!

Woman with her bird

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Gemini: Adopt a Bird

Chatty Gemini will need a pet to talk to, which is why a bird would be an excellent match. Loved for their bright plumage and known for their lively personalities, birds would be an excellent match for Gemini. Most bird breeds love to be around their humans, so Gemini would never feel alone when Gemini’s with their bird. Gemini could even teach their bird to do tricks or repeat certain phrases since birds are incredibly intelligent. Plus, Geminis are easily bored, and the many shenanigans and antics all these intelligent birds can get into will keep them more than entertained.

Hermit Crab Pet

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Cancer: Adopt a Hermit Crab

Ever since Howie the Crab captured our hearts on TikTok, it’s nearly impossible to think of a better pet than a cute crustacean for Cancer! Freshwater crabs, saltwater crabs and hermit crabs are known to be complex, sensitive creatures which is something that Cancer can relate to. Although these animals are not initially cuddly, Cancer may enjoy building a deep bond with their sentient pets. Cancer will also have plenty of options since crabs come in a range of colors and live in various habitats! Just make sure you are educated, because these pets are very delicate and misunderstood.

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Leo: Adopt a Cat

Known for their big personalities, chattering and head-butting, a cat would make a stellar pet for Leo. As Leo is the lion in astrology, this fire sign may feel partial to having a feline counterpart. Whether it’s the infamous tortitude or making biscuits, Leo cannot help but fall in love with their kitty. A cat can provide all of the affection, entertainment and craziness that Leo will want to have in a pet. Plus, cats are definitely divas who can’t be bothered to come when they’re called, which is a sentiment Leo not only understands, but respects.

Goldfish Pets

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Virgo: Adopt a Fish

No other zodiac sign could be a more perfect pet parent to fish other than Virgo! Since Virgo has an astounding attention to detail and strives for perfection, this would ensure that Virgo would be on top of maintaining a beautiful yet inhabitable tank for their fish friends. From brightly colored betta fish to a small school of neon tetras and everything in between, Virgo will also have many options to choose from! The process of designing a beautiful tank and hearing the calming sound of the water filter babbling with provide them with endless relaxation.

Woman with her dog

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Libra: Adopt a Small Dog

Glamorous Libra will love to have a pet that makes them look good, so a small (and possibly designer) dog breed will likely be Libra’s best match. Designer dog breeds usually refer to purposefully mating two pure-bred dogs to create a mixed breed that exemplifies each breed’s best qualities. Libra’s best matches will likely be any designer breed that ends in “-doodle” or “-poo”. Not only will this be a unique pup, but Libra will also like the exclusivity of owning a designer dog breed! However, “designer” is not the only thing on a Libra’s mind, because adopting a chihuahua, a terrier or any type of purse-sized mutt will do just the trick. After all, Libra’s are the most relationship-oriented zodiac sign of all, which is why bringing a small dog around everywhere they go will make them feel so loved.

Bearded Dragon Pet

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Scorpio: Adopt a Reptile or Amphibian

Mysterious Scorpio should have an edgier pet, especially a pet that matches Scorpio’s intense and transformative vibe! Reptiles and amphibians are an excellent choice for Scorpio since these scaly pets are effortlessly cool. Scorpio can choose from a variety of snakes, lizards, frogs and more. Although these scaly pets may look menacing, it might be surprising to see how gentle a bearded dragon is or how docile a snake can be—kind of like Scorpio! They might love a bearded dragon, which is not only a pet that looks like a dinosaur, but has the potential to love you just as deeply as a dog or cat would.

Woman with her horser

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Sagittarius: Adopt a Horse

Can anyone else picture Sagittarius galloping into the sunset on their stallion, or is it just me? A fitting pet for this fire sign would be none other than a horse! Since Sagittarius is half-horse since they’re represented as the centaur in astrology, Sagittarius will likely feel innately connected to these furry four-legged friends. Horses are not only beautiful but also strong and temperamental. Sagittarius will never have a dull day when they’re adventuring with their horse, because this is the perfect animal companion to accompany them as they traverse the great beyond.

Woman holding her pet hedgehog

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Capricorn: Adopt a Hedgehog

“Prickly but cute” is a great way to describe Capricorn and their pet hedgehog! Similar to a spiky hedgehog, Capricorn can also have a rough exterior that hides a soft side. Capricorn may like the slight challenge of owning this sharp pet since hedgehogs require special handling. Other than that, Capricorn might be remarkably surprised with how easygoing their hedgehog is as long as Capricorn takes the time to work on their pet-parent relationship with their thorny friend.

Jumping Spider Pet

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Aquarius: Adopt an Insect, Invertebrate or Arachnid

Aquarius would be the zodiac sign that is drawn to insects, invertebrates and arachnids. Usually, most zodiac signs would prefer a fur friend or a beautiful tank. But not Aquarius! Aquarius could keep it simple by owning an ant farm or a few crickets. However, there is a quirky appeal to owning an exotic orchid mantis, a daring scorpion or even a snazzy hissy cockroach. And no one else will likely be able to say that they have the same pet as Aquarius too! Aquarius are the type of people that would find a “weird” animal adorable, even if it freaks everyone else out.

Guinea Pig Pet

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Pisces: Adopt a Guinea Pig

As a lover of animals, Pisces might have a difficult time choosing a pet! But if Pisces feels drawn to something small and cute, then a guinea pig would be an excellent choice. Guinea pigs are known to be great, beginner-friendly pets that have wonderful personalities! Like any pet, a guinea pig will require maintenance since their enclosure will need some upkeep. But this is a small price to pay for Pisces to have their cuddly and playful pet!

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