Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Best Gifts To Stay Fit While Traveling

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Are you the type who can’t decide between packing an extra pair of shoes or your fitness gear for that weekend getaway? Worry not! We’ve curated a list of the best gifts to keep you fit while traveling so you can have your cake and, well, not worry about it too much. Whether you’re a globe-trotting fitness fanatic or just someone who likes to stay active between airport lounges, our guide is packed with items that are as portable as they are practical. Say goodbye to hotel gym anxieties and hello to staying in shape on the go – all while leaving room in your suitcase for a little extra holiday shopping.

Consistency is key and Anna Kaiser Studios is making workouts easy for you– no matter where you are. Anna Kaiser Studios’ virtual 30-Day program is a perfect holiday gift for all levels — those starting out a routine or maintaining everyone’s goal as the same: strength and consistency. The fitness bundle of eleven videos, strategically designed by Global Fitness Leader and celebrity trainer herself, Anna Kaiser, is created to build strength and consistency across 30 days..and comes with a calendar to guide you through the program. Purchase for $44.99 for one month.

The LIT Method, endorsed by renowned figures such as Jay-Z and MLB All-Star Adrian Gonzalez, offers a unique workout regime that combines low-impact techniques with high-intensity exercises, suitable for any location. Their On-Demand service features a diverse range of daily workout classes, both live and recorded, ranging from 10 to 60 minutes. These sessions span across eight different categories, including strength training, barre, rowing, mat cardio, Pilates, and recovery routines. Additionally, the LIT AXI, an acclaimed all-in-one smart resistance training system, serves as a versatile replacement for various equipment like the Pilates Reformer, cable system, free weights, and suspension trainer. It comes equipped with advanced sensors to monitor key fitness metrics such as repetitions, weight lifted, and muscle balance, enhancing your workout efficiency. This innovative system is available starting at $159.

The CORE sensor is a groundbreaking wearable that revolutionizes training and performance. As the first of its kind, the CORE sensor offers continuous and precise monitoring of your core body temperature, a crucial factor for optimizing your athletic performance. Its accuracy is unparalleled and validated through extensive clinical, lab, and field tests. Seamlessly integrating with your routine, the CORE sensor automatically transmits data to your favorite wearables and training apps. With its ANT+ and Bluetooth capabilities, pairing with devices is effortless. Purchase for $305.

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s the perfect opportunity to detoxify your body and embrace the good stuff. HigherDOSE is here to help you finish the year on a high! Biohacking combines lifestyle, nutrition, technology, and more to boost your physical and mental well-being. It’s never too late to dive into biohacking and rejuvenate your body through the power of sweating. Check out the HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket, priced at $699, for a luxurious, spa-like experience right in your home.

Looking for the perfect gift for fitness enthusiasts who are always on the go? The ŌURA Rest and Recovery Kit, in collaboration with Equinox, is an ideal choice. This exclusive kit includes the sleek Gen 3 Oura Ring, available in Horizon Silver and Horizon Stealth finishes, and comes with a unique ring cover, charger, and a stylish leather pouch. It’s not just about style; this kit offers a one-year Oura Membership, providing insights into health metrics and recovery needs. Compact and practical, it’s a fantastic way for your loved ones to maintain their fitness and wellness routines effortlessly while traveling. Available from $429.

Gift the perfect tool for adventure seekers with the AllTrails+ membership ($35.99). This enhanced version of the popular AllTrails app includes valuable features like offline maps and 3D views, ensuring that users can find and follow trails effortlessly, no matter where they are in the world. With the added bonus of National Parks Guides for over 200 parks globally, it’s the ideal present for anyone looking to explore new paths and enjoy the beauty of nature, from local trails to international destinations.

Give the gift of convenience and innovation with BlendQuik, the world’s first mason jar-style portable blender. Perfect for smoothies, protein shakes, baby food, dips, and dressings, it offers a unique blend-and-sip experience with its sleek, ergonomic design. The ten stainless steel blades ensure ingredients are blended to a silky smooth consistency. With BlendQuik, there’s no mess and no need to open the top lid after blending, making it an ideal choice for those who value practicality in their kitchen gadgets. All this for just $79.99.

The Redefy Weighted Cordless Jump Rope revolutionizes your workout with its ropeless and tangle-free design. Incredibly portable, it’s ideal for any space, from home rooms to cozy hotel rooms, ensuring you can stay fit anywhere. This adjustable jump rope, suitable for everyone from novices to CrossFit enthusiasts, comes with an 80g weight, and you can add weight-bearing iron blocks for a more challenging routine. Its handles are soft and comfortable, designed to absorb sweat and reduce friction for a smoother workout experience. All these features come at an affordable price of $14.98.

These 100% nylon warm-up pants are the perfect blend of style and comfort, making them an excellent choice for staying fit while on the road. Designed to be baggy and oversized, they cater to the active lifestyle of sporty individuals, including moms on the go. The straight leg fit offers both ease and flexibility, accommodating a variety of exercises and movements. The elastic waist and internal drawstrings ensure a secure and adjustable fit, while the back pocket and hidden zipper pocket inside the left pocket provide convenient storage for essentials. These pants are not just about functionality; their stylish design keeps you looking good, which can be a great motivator to stick with your fitness routine, no matter where you are. Available for $85.

Bala Bangles are an excellent tool for maintaining fitness on the road. Their adaptable design allows them to be worn on wrists or ankles, seamlessly integrating resistance into a variety of activities, whether it’s a yoga session in a hotel room or a quick Pilates workout in a park. Lightweight and portable, each set comes with a matching carrying case, making them easy to pack and transport. The comfortable, adjustable fit, thanks to the elastic and hook and loop fasteners, ensures they can be used by anyone, anywhere, adding a consistent but manageable challenge to any exercise routine. This makes Bala Bangles a practical and effective choice for staying active and fit while traveling. Available from $55.

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