How much money has Drake won in the last year in sports betting? Take a look at all of his bets

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Pop star Drake has once again lost money when betting on a celebrity sporting event after he backed Jake Paul to beat Tommy Fury.

Drake put 335,000 pounds on Paul to beat the English 23-year-old but it was not to be as he lost on a split decision after eight rounds.

His ability to back the wrong horse is not even always linked to betting. Teams or individuals that have been pictured with Drake shortly before a major sporting event or period have often gone on to lose.

Luckily for him he is able to make lots of money from his own career, otherwise he would be at risk of going broke.

He won his bet 1.04 million pound stake on the Super Bowl LVI but then lost 228,000 pound on the UFC 272 as he backed Jorge Masvidal to win. He backed Duke to beat UNC at the 2022 NCAA Tournament, losing 66,000 pound in the process.

He put a three team parlay on the Dallas Mavericks, the Calgary Flames and the New York Rangers, and won 1.9 million pound. He lost 335,000 pound on a different one shortly before though.

He was correct about the Golden State Warriors winning the Western Conference though, winning 664,000 pound. He lost 190,000 on Charles Leclerc to win the Spanish Grand Prix, though.

He has won stakes recently in the NHL, UFC 276, the Kentucky Derby and the 2022 NFL Draft, but he has also lost in the NHL and the UFC 274.

There are some big winnings for Drake, but the big losses are eyewatering for those who can’t fathom such sums.

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