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If you’re looking for an online casino that accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether and Tether, the choice can feel somewhat overwhelming. As cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity, the number of casinos accepting these virtual payments is also increasing. Choosing the right casino can for this reason be a daunting task. Fortunately, we share some tips on how to choose the best crypto casino here!

Make a selection of some of the most prominent operators

To make the choice easier, you can start by getting an overview of the offer on a website that lists and compares the most prominent crypto casinos. That is, the operators that have received the best ratings from customers and that meet general requirements in terms of security, game selection, interface and the like. There are a few detailed reviews available here that you can use as a guideline to make a more informed decision.

Check which cryptocurrencies that are accepted

The currency or currencies you’ve stored in your crypto wallet will also affect your choice of online casino. Many of the newest crypto casinos accept a variety of cryptos for both deposits and withdrawals, so it’s usually not a problem. However, if the casino only accepts Bitcoin and you exclusively use alternative cryptos, it’ll affect your choice. So before you sign up, it’s a good idea to check which cryptocurrencies that are accepted and whether you’ll be able to make payments or not.

Review and try out the various games

The next step is to guarantee a generous and, not least, high-quality range of games. After all, it’s the games you’re after when you wish to gamble at an online casino! The selection will most likely look the same at most crypto casinos, at least on the surface.

However, once you start examining them more closely, they may differ a bit. Some casinos focus much more on offering table games than others, some offer games exclusively from the most renowned iGaming software developers, and some integrate NFTs to improve the gambling experience. Make sure you decide on a crypto casino whose games appeal to you.

Assure there’s a professional customer service available

Should any questions arise while you gamble at a casino, you want to ensure that there is someone you can get in touch with. This is particularly important at crypto casinos as they are not regulated by a specific gambling jurisdiction.

This means that you cannot report the casino to any central authority if something happens to you or your money, which is why it’s so important that there’s reliable customer service available. If you choose a casino from a list we mentioned above, you’ve already guaranteed this step.


The wide array of casinos that accept cryptos is not only beneficial. After all, it can make it more confusing for you as a player to decide where to spend your precious time and money. So be sure to compare the offerings and keep things like accepted cryptos, reviews, game selection and customer service in mind before you reach a decision.

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