I’m a Fitness Instructor With Stage 4 Colon Cancer: What I Want Women to Know About Their Health

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Even during challenging times, it can be helpful to do as many things that make you feel good about yourself as possible, Sukay says. Think: ordinary routine things that make you feel most like you. “On days when you feel good, try to keep your normal routine,” says Sukay. Maybe you love walking with a morning coffee, doing a morning workout (if your doctor clears it), working at your job (again, if your doctor clears it), visiting with a friend, or unwinding at the end of the day with a good show. “Get the manicure, the massage, the Botox, the wig,” says Sukay. “Do everything that makes you feel pampered, pretty, and restored because there will be days when you do not look or feel like yourself, so double down on the days where you can!”

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