I’m Reclaiming Pentecostal Church Fashion in My Alabaré Era

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In my alabaré era, I treasure pieces that help me echo stories of my past, slay outfits of the day, and promise a small piece of beauty for the women who follow — and I find this in family heirlooms, those delicate, old, and priceless hand-me-downs that have become a testament to the endurance of my heritage, strength, and the determination of so many powerful women who came before me. For example, my gold “N” and “K” rings are not just shiny ornaments to dress up a cute ‘fit, they are my mother’s and aunt’s quinceañera rings, and they are symbols of strong family bonds, enduring traditions, and shared memories to treasure forever. Wearing these rings not only connects me to my roots, but it also allows me to stay true to myself by highlighting and emphasizing a hidden beauty of wearing sustainable fashion — something that also deeply  matters to me.
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