Insane Destiny 2: Lightfall Hunter Strand bug lets new super melt bosses in an instant – Dexerto

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Published: 2023-03-03T00:37:37

Updated: 2023-03-03T00:37:46

Destiny 2: Lightfall’s new Strand super for Hunter is seemingly bugged, causing the ability to deal insane amounts of damage, completely throwing the balance of the game.

Lightfall has hit live servers in Destiny 2, with the major expansion bringing through multiple changes and updates, as well as a slew of new content to experience. Alongside a new campaign and location, Lightfall also brought about Strand, the newest darkness subclass.

Strand is all about manipulating the invisible forces of the universe, creating strings and tangles from the weave to bring forth weapons. The subclass also brings about the first-ever grappling system we’ve had in Destiny 2, replacing a grenade with a grapple that can be used anywhere.

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Strand also has new supers for each of the three classes. Titans gained Strand arm blades allowing them to dash from target to target, quickly executing and decimating anything in their path. Warlocks received the ability to fire out Strand needles at targets, and also have a stronger command of the new Strand buddy, the Threadling.

However, Hunters have seemingly received the strongest of any super we’ve ever seen in Destiny 2. Hunters got the super Silkstrike, which equips them with a ropeblade that can be lunged forward to devastating strikes of damage. The reason for this super being ridiculously strong at this point in time is seemingly due to a bug, allowing it to deal far more damage than it’s actually supposed to.

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Strand Hunter Super Silkstrike bug causes insane damage output

Silkstrike is currently allowing Hunters to solo dungeon bosses in just one super making it quite literally the best super by far in the early stretch of Lightfall. According to a video released by YouTuber Cheese Forever, Silkstrike is currently dealing twice the damage that it’s supposed to be dealing, even it if isn’t showing up with right damage numbers.

Destiny 2 Streamer Gladd also noticed the ridiculous damage output Silkstrike was capable of. Gladd was able to one-shot the Pit of Heresy boss Zulmak with 3 Silkstrike Hunters, despite the boss appearing to have more than half health when the last hit landed.

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This is definitely a cause for concern for Bungie, with the next raid being open in just a week, Bungie will need to look to either fix or disable Hunter’s Strand super in the next few days. Alongside this, Bungie recently released the remainder of the Strand fragments to players, meaning there could be plenty more Strand bugs coming soon.

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