Learn to manifest love, based on your zodiac sign

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In astrology, the ascendant Sun, Moon, and Venus show us what our hearts need to feel emotionally fulfilled in love. Venus guides our wants in a partnership and the Sun and Ascendant help in discovering what can inspire and drive us to pursue love.

Open your hearts to invite love into your lives.

Aries: Adventure and excitement

Aries tend to relentlessly pursue their desire including love. They simply need to be motivated enough to attract someone into their life and take romance to new heights. It all starts with them giving in to the urge of experience and falling in love.

Taurus: Focus on your senses

Taureans must learn to trust their intuition and senses. However, understand your worth and values before entering into a relationship. While the material is not important, Taurus, focus on manifesting abundance in love so that your partner matched your energy and desire.

Gemini: Communication

Ruled by Mercury, Geminis can charm anyone with their eloquence. The best way to manifest love for you is to find someone who can communicate with you and pique your curiosity. A partner up for a good debate is someone you would match with.

Cancer: Setting up space

Cancerians have a tendency to form deep emotional bonds. Thus first they need to set their personal boundaries and then make some space for a love interest. With the basics decided they will be able to manifest a suitable partner.

Leo: Creativity

Leos indulge in creativity. So what better way to manifest your lover than writing a letter to the universe explaining your plans for the future? You need someone who lets you have the centre stage at times.

Virgo: Prepare a list

Virgos love organization and planning. So creating a list of their yeses and nos in their partner can help them manifest. This will also help them get to know themselves better.

Libra: Be authentic

Libras should treat themselves how they would like to be treated and that would help them understand their individualistic nature. They should initiate separation from their comfort zone and put themselves out there before entering into a romance.

Scorpio: Affirmations

Scorpios can be a little psychic and its no new news. You need to focus on a partner that heals, calms and loves you. Start trusting people. Open your hearts to invite love into your lives.

Sagittarius: Independence

Sagittarians love getting to meet and know new people. But having a constant idea of themselves at their core will help them not lose themselves in the midst of others and have clear thoughts of how their partner should be. Spend some time with yourselves, Sagittarius.

Capricorn: To-do list

You work hard for a lot of things in life. Why not add love to it? Although you can manifest through your actions, to be more precise on the characteristic of your partner, you should write in detail your choices.

Aquarius: Vision Board

A vision board will help you pinpoint what you do and do not want in love. It can be values, characteristics or looks. Visualise it all.

Pisces: Embrace your intuition

Learn to break from your codependent side first. Once you see how you can sail on your own, you will be able to guide yourself better in relationships on the basis of your intuition. Love helps all, right?

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