Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – All Jobs Best Skills to Inherit

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In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, the skill inheritance system enables players to mix and match their preferred abilities from a broad range of jobs with the skills of their current job. This fusion of abilities allows players to access buffs, healing powers, and elemental skills not available in their active job, enhancing gameplay diversity.



Despite the game’s attempt to distribute skills evenly across jobs, with many jobs sharing similar abilities, some jobs offer uniquely beneficial skills worth considering for inheritance. Additionally, unlike the skill inheritance system from the series’ previous title, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, players can now choose to inherit any of a job’s unlockable abilities, instead of only a select assortment from each job.


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How to Inherit Skills

Skill Inheretance menu in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

To inherit skills, players should visit an Alo-Happy booth located in any of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth‘s locales. By selecting the “Skill Inheritance” option, players can assign desired skills to each of their party members, provided the characters have earned ranks and unlocked a skill as its relevant jobs. This encourages players to experience different jobs to unlock specific abilities, even if they do not plan to use these jobs extensively.

When leveling up alternative jobs to unlock new skills, wearing job experience-boosting accessories can expedite the process. These accessories are mainly found in suitcases scattered around the cities.

The number of skill inheritance slots a character has depends on their Bond Level in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, with slots unlocking at Bond 10, 30, 40, 50, and 70, with the ultimate slot becoming available at Bond Level 100. This slot is designated for a Kiwami ability, a potent skill obtained at high job ranks and can be equipped only in this exclusive slot.

It’s important to review a character’s skill setup after changing jobs. Inherited skills from a job that a character switches to will be automatically removed from the inheritance list and the slot will stay vacant until filled with a new skill. Below is a selection of our favorite and recommended skills for inheritance from various jobs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Burning Arrow (Samurai Rank 1)

Burning Arrow is probably the most overpowered skill in the game, especially because of how simple it is to obtain. This skill is learned by Samurais as one of their starting abilities, meaning players will just need to switch a character over to Samurai at an Alo-Happy booth and will immediately unlock and can inherit this ridiculous AOE Fire damage dealing ranged ability.

Wild Lasso (Desperado Rank 1)

Wild Lasso is another strong starting ability, this time for the Desperado job, so it’s just a job swap away at the Alo-Happy booth. This ability is a great ability to inherit early on as it provides the helpful Grapple functionality required to break an enemy’s Guard when needed.

Birthday Bash (Host Rank 1)

Kiryu casting Birthday Bash in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Birthday Bash is a fantastic starting skill to inherit from the Host job, providing a great early-game Medium power attack that also has the added benefit of a Knockback. Deeper down the Host skill list, at Rank 15, players can unlock Birthday Bonanza, which is a Heavy damage attack, but it lacks the Knockback, which is why we’ve chosen Bash as the recommended skill instead.


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Ahi Aloha (Aquanaut Rank 12)

Ahi Aloha is a fantastic choice for an early, easy-to-obtain Ice ability, as most of the character-specific jobs lack this elemental in their damage arsenal. It also has the added benefit of a chance to stun its target, which allows players to activate Kiryu’s Heat actions on that enemy.

Substitution Jutsu (Kunoichi Rank 12)

Substitution Jutsu is arguably the most useful of the Kunoichi’s arsenal, as it allows the character to give their turn to another character. This provides its target with an extra turn which, besides giving the opportunity to get another heavier hit in with a character like Kasuga, enhances the benefit of “on turn” accessories by giving them that extra turn proc.

Beachside Bro-ffet (Aquanaut Rank 18)

Kiryu casting Beachside Bro-ffet in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Beachside Bro-ffet is an enhanced version of the initial Aquanaut ability, Beachside Bro-BQ. While Beachside Bro-BQ offers a decent healing effect, Bro-ffet delivers a more substantial boost in health recovery, making it the clearly preferable choice once players advance through the Aquanaut ranks.

Cutlery Clash (Chef Rank 18)

Cutlery Clash is a fantastic single-target Heavy attack that has an incredibly high chance of inflicting Bleed on its target. While the skill does good damage and covers Blade weakness for jobs that are short on that type of damage, the Bleed debuff is where it truly shines. Infinite Wealth features numerous skills that deal additional damage to targets with a status ailment (restrictive or damaging), including the Samurai’s Shadow Dance, which we have included on this list, making this a fantastic skill for a powerful combo opportunity.

Miraculous Voice (Idol Rank 18)

Seonhee casting Miraculous Voice in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Miraculous Voice, along with Magical Concert (Idol Rank 22), is a fantastic Recovery ability to inherit on your female characters if they aren’t already running Idol as their main job. While Miraculous Voice does not provide a heal for party members, the AOE status ailment removal is helpful on certain boss encounters and for dealing with Curse, the instant KO countdown ability that can be removed only by an ability that clears all ailments.

Scum Scraper (Housekeeper Rank 15)

Scum Scraper is a fantastic ability that provides the extremely uncommon functionality of removing buffs from an enemy. It’s also a Grapple, so it’ll remove Guard on whichever enemy thinks he’s so tough. Fantastic ability for dealing with certain bosses and challenging enemies.

Ice Spreader (Host Rank 20)

Ice Spreader is a helpful ability to cover Ice weakness which is less common on many jobs (besides Aquanaut). It can hit multiple targets and also has a chance to give enemies a Cold, a helpful damaging status ailment, for extra damage over time.


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Jellyfish Juice (Aquanaut Rank 20)

Kasuga casting Jellyfish Juice in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Jellyfish Juice is a great Electric AOE for male characters other than Tomizawa, providing them with their own mini version of his Battery Storm ability with the added benefit of a chance to cause Paralysis. This skill is especially great for other characters to follow up Tomizawa’s Scrub Down ability which reduces the enemies’ Electric resistance.

Soul Predation (Pyrodancer Rank 20)

Soul Predation is a unique skill that provides male characters with useful Blade damage coverage that hits multiple targets and also recovers HP for each enemy hit. It doesn’t do a phenomenal amount of damage, but this uncommon combination of effects makes it a helpful skill to bring along depending on party composition.

Shadow Dance (Samurai Rank 22)

Shadow Dance is one of Infinite Wealth’s few Extreme damage abilities that is not a Kiwami ability, meaning it can be easily inherited by any character without having to reach Bond 100. This single-target ability does more damage on targets afflicted with Bleed, making it especially powerful when combed with the aforementioned Cutlery Clash.

War Cry (Pyrodancer Rank 20)

Kasuga casting War Cry in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

War Cry is a powerful single-target buff that significantly boosts the user’s attack. Despite the skill description suggesting it can target either the caster or an ally, it’s important to clarify that War Cry can only be self-cast.

Glory Awaits (Samurai Rank 12)

Glory Awaits is another powerful attack buffing ability that affects all allies and also increases critical hit chance. The attack buff is not as substantial as the one provided by War Cry, but obviously getting everyone in on the action is of huge benefit.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

January 26, 2024

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