Matt Rife’s Net Worth Blew Up After Earning Insane Salaries For Jobs He Didn’t Even Like

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  • Matt Rife’s hosting gig on MTV’s TRL Reboot didn’t bring him the happiness he expected, despite its lucrative salary of $15,000 per week.
  • Rife’s career took off on TikTok, leading to a massively successful world tour that generated sales of approximately $43.5 million.
  • Rife diversified his income through acting and other ventures.



For over a decade, Matt Rife diligently relied on his sharp wit to achieve financial success. However, life didn’t immediately ease up for him. Rife was nearly canceled due to past tweets and was involved in a complicated, short-lived romance with Kate Beckinsale.

Despite funding his shows out-of-pocket and experiencing various TV successes, his financial reserves remained depleted. Struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic, Rife’s comedic career reached new heights through the influence of TikTok, providing him with the opportunity to invest in fixing his teeth.

8 Matt Rife Was Unhappy Hosting Total Request Live Despite Its Lucrative Salary

Salary – $15,000 Weekly

Via: Instar

Matt Rife’s talent for impromptu speaking gained him the hosting gig for MTV’s TRL Reboot. Rife shared with Unlicensed Therapy host Ari Mannis that the gig took him to New York, where he resided in an upscale apartment and received a handsome weekly payment of $15,000.

Matt Rife’s Film Career:

  • Room 236
  • Sophomore Year
  • Black Pumpkin
  • The Debt
  • American Typecast
  • After Masks
  • The Elevator
  • Death Link
  • Just Swipe
  • North of the 10
  • Wolf Mountain
  • Karma’s a Bitch
  • Candy Flip
  • Trapped Inn
  • Don’t Suck
  • The Private Eye

However, Rife’s enthusiasm for the show waned after the creative control he was promised was not met. Rife was dissatisfied with the humorless script and felt it compromised his identity as a comedian.

“I was waking up at 7 a.m. to go to set to read a script that was beyond unfunny… I hate this. This isn’t what I want to do for my life at all.”

MTV recognized Rife’s discontent, and they mutually agreed to terminate his contract. That moment made Rife realize that money alone couldn’t guarantee his happiness.

7 What Does Matt Rife Do Now?

World Tour Ticket Gross – $30 to $57 Million

Matt Rife's Fake Teeth May Have Cost Him An Absolute Fortune, Here's How Much He Paid
Via: TheThings

In 2022, Matt Rife’s crowd work on TikTok garnered 20 million views in a matter of days. His viral video gained him a massive following on his social media accounts.

In 2023, Rife announced his ProbleMATTic World Tour in partnership with Live Nation. Fans of Rife were willing to pay premium prices, with some opting to purchase two tickets at higher costs or buy resale tickets that reached prices exceeding $500.

Matt Rife’s Information per Celebrity Net Worth

Full Name

Matthew Steven Rife


September 10, 1995


Columbus, Ohio, US


Los Angeles, California


April Rife

Michael Eric Gutzke (died – 1996)


Christina Shams

The overwhelming demand sold out 260 dates across North America, Europe, and Australia within 48 hours. Within two days, Rife sold 600,000 tickets globally and generated sales of approximately $43.5 million.

6 How Did Matt Rife Increase His Net Worth?

Net Worth As Of 2023 – $30 Million

Matt Rife hot
Via: Instar

Matt Rife commands fees of up to $200,000 for live events, while his personalized videos on Cameo, once priced at over $400, per All American Entertainment.

Rife shared on the Stiff Socks podcast that he gradually increases the prices of his content because TikTok users purchase his videos for their own content. Rife also leverages TikTok for free advertising by sharing his crowd work videos.

Matt Rife’s Social Media Followers/Subscribers


18.2 Million


6.5 Million


3.3 Million


1.87 Million

X (formerly Twitter)



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Rife secured the ninth spot on the 2023 Forbes Top Creators List, with his estimated total earnings of around $25 million. Forbes considered not only income but also the social media follower count and other criteria in compiling the list.

5 Matt Rife Revealed His Television Career Did Not Pay His Bills

Average Social Media Engagement – 10.7%

Why Matt Rife Called His Short-Lived Relationship With Kate Beckinsale Complicated

Matt Rife diversified his income streams beyond comedy through some movie and television acting credits.

At the age of 21, Rife became the youngest cast member on the Nick Cannon-hosted Wild ‘n Out, where he fine-tuned a style of humor that occasionally drew criticism in comedy.

Matt Rife’s TV Appearances:

  • Average Joe
  • Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything
  • WTH: Welcome to Howler
  • MTV’s The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Stalked By My Doctor: A Sleepwalker’s Nightmare
  • Fresh Off The Boat
  • NBC’s Bring the Funny
  • Burb Patrol

In 2015, Rife acknowledged hitting rock bottom before landing the opportunity on MTV’s Wild ‘n Out. He credited MTV for playing a pivotal role in shaping his comedy career. But despite his acting credits, Rife admitted that the compensation for his TV roles fell short. Rife told SWAGGER Magazine:

“Confidence was a significant lesson I learned from Wild N’ Out… Being thrown into that atmosphere required me to rise to the occasion… The show’s producers and fellow performers taught me to project confidence, work harder on my craft, and earn respect.”

4 Matt Rife Faced Backlash For His Netflix Comedy Special

Salary – Not Specified

Matt Rife backlash on Netflix Natural Selection
Via: YouTube @Netflix

Matt Rife likely secured a substantial sum from Netflix for his comedy special Natural Selection. Although his exact Netflix salary remains undisclosed, his overall earnings in 2023 amounted to an impressive $25 million from various income streams. This landed him on the list of the top 10 highest-paid social media stars worldwide for 2023.


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While Natural Selection found success on Netflix, the special stirred controversy, particularly due to Rife’s opening joke about domestic violence. A ‘mock apology’ only intensified the criticism, as Rife linked to a website offering safety helmets for people with disabilities, further fueling the controversy surrounding his comedy special.

3 Matt Rife Used To Work With Dane Cook

TikTok Salary – $1 Million Monthly

Matt Rife earned a fortune doing stand-up comedy
Via: Instar

Despite his eventual success, Matt Rife grappled with thoughts of abandoning his comedy dreams due to financial strain and a lack of opportunities. However, a lifeline came from Dane Cook, after Cook invited him to be the opening act on his show in 2019. Rife told Unlicensed Therapy:

“I had maybe $600 in my bank account. I applied for my contractor’s license… I got super lucky opening for Dane, taking a private jet to places and stuff…”

While Cook’s offer provided temporary relief, financial challenges resurfaced in 2022, tempting Rife to consider a career change or returning to Ohio. But another breakthrough on TikTok altered his trajectory and taught him a valuable lesson about the importance of timing in achieving success.

2 Inside Matt Rife’s Financial Struggles

Instagram Salary – $10,000 Per Post

Matt Rife at the Los Angeles Premiere of The Comedian (2017)
Via: Instar

Throughout Matt Rife’s career, the compensation for his stand-up performances fluctuated. During his teenage years, Rife received a generous $100 for a seven-minute guest spot from his late friend Ralphie May.


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As Rife progressed in stand-up comedy, the financial landscape didn’t always improve. According to The New York Times, there were nights in 2022 when Rife earned around $150 for his performances. The onset of the pandemic brought additional challenges, with Rife and his friend Paul Elia losing money on self-funded outdoor comedy shows. Elia recalled when they each invested $1,000 on setting up a $2,000 show, only to make $1,400 in ticket sales.

1 Matt Rife’s Free Content On Social Media Earned Him A Large Fanbase

YouTube Revenue Income – $2.8 Million

Matt Rife did not like his hosting job despite its huge salary
Via: Instar

Matt Rife cleverly titled his inaugural YouTube special OnlyFans to capitalize on online searches for a potential account on the adult-themed platform. The clickbait strategy proved successful, amassing over 8.5 million views for the show. Rife further solidified his comedic presence by independently producing specials like Walking Red Flag and Matthew Steven Rife as free content for his diverse fanbase.

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