Michael Irvin Demands $100 Million Reparation for Losing Super Bowl Coverage Job Amidst Serious Allegations Against NFL Legend

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When Michael Irvin disappeared from the NFL Network’s coverage of the Super Bowl week in the middle of the process, it left a lot for fans to wonder about. And the reason came out shortly. A woman working in the hotel, where Irvin stayed, accused him of harassment and misconduct. And Michael wasn’t just going to sit back and let his name be dragged through the mud.

The former three-time Super Bowl champion, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, has slapped the Renaissance Hotels and Marriott chain with a $100 million lawsuit for defamation. And Marriott has countered with their own arguments. What did the woman have to say? What happened between them which warranted such a lawsuit?

Michael Irvin sues Marriott for $100 million


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According to the woman working at the Renaissance Phoenix Hotel and Spa, the NFL Network analyst and former world champion harassed her and made some inappropriate comments. When Michael Irvin woke up the next morning, he received a ban from Marriott properties and asked to change hotels. The NFL Network also removed Michael from the Super Bowl LVII coverage. And Irvin had had enough.


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Irvin and his team have voiced their opinion against this cancel culture attempt with a $100 million lawsuit that includes the names of both the woman and the Renaissance hotel. “Marriott recklessly reported to the NFL that Mr. Irvin had somehow acted inappropriately even though in this brief interaction with multiple witnesses, nothing took place other than a friendly interaction that ended with a polite handshake,” the official lawsuit read.

However, Marriott has a problem with the Collin County lawsuit. And the chain is trying to get judges to either overthrow Irvin’s lawsuit or move it to a federal court in Arizona. However, Irvin has been denying any false intentions during his meeting with the woman in question.

What does Irvin have to say about the incident?

Michael Irvin remembers the night very differently. Well, as much as he can. Irvin admitted to drinking with former teammate Michael Brooks and returning to the hotel when the incident took place in the lobby. And it all happened within a minute.

Playmaker Irvin spoke to the Dallas Morning News and 105.3 The Fan FM to provide his side of the situation. And Michael denied any “sexual wrongdoing.


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The girl said I said something to her in that minute we talked. It was a minute meeting somewhere in the lobby. I don’t even remember it really because I had a few drinks to tell you the truth,” Irvin told Shan and RJ.


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We shook hands. Then I left. That’s all I know. What law did I break? There was definitely nothing physical. That’s honestly all that happened. Nobody was in my room. It was a 45-second conversation in the lobby, a handshake and we left. I don’t know what this is, and it’s running me crazy,” he told Dallas Morning News the next day. The NFL world hopes for his quick return to First Take and a smooth resolution of the entire episode.

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