“Mr. Irvin’s About To Get Richer”: Michael Irvin’s Surveillance Video News After Hotel Accusations By Woman Makes NFL World React

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During the Super Bowl week, 56-year-old NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin faced a serious allegation by a woman for inappropriate conduct at the Renaissance Hotel, owned by Marriot. This incident turned Irvin’s life suddenly upside down, as the NFL decided to pull him off from the Super Bowl coverage. Then Irvin sued the accuser for $100 million; hence, the judge at the court asked the former Cowboys WR to provide names and video evidence to prove his case. As per the latest reports, Marriot refused to provide video evidence, which could easily put the case to bed.


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Meanwhile, Irvin’s attorney, Levi McCarthern, is pretty upset with the whole incident as he recently vented his frustration to Michael Gehlken of the ‘Dallas Morning News’. On the other hand, NFL fans are also not happy with Marriot for not providing the evidence.

NFL fans react to Marriot’s refusal to provide evidence in the Michael Irvin case

While talking to ‘Dallas Morning News’, Irvin’s attorney said, “I’m mad as hell that they’re hiding this stuff that is so relevant to my client’s livelihood… I think it is terrible they’re doing that. I don’t know what’s on the video. None of us have gotten to see it. But I sure think that, at a minimum, Michael has got a right to see the video.”

As this news broke out, many fans on social media think that the video could prove Irvin’s innocence. Moreover, some fans think Irvin would get rich as well by winning this case.

One Twitter user could not figure out why Marriot would not show the video footage.

One more fan questions Marriot’s strategy.

Another fan shared the same view.

One Twitter user feels the accuser is lying in this case.

Another person feels the accuser should get prosecuted for lying.

One more fan thinks Irvin is the favorite to win the case.

Meanwhile, some fans posted some hilarious comments, as one fan suggested an unconventional method to steal the footage.

One fan thinks the attorneys will get richer from this case if they drag it out longer.

On the other hand, one fan thinks the footage won’t help this case.


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Notably, Marriot removed the case from a state court to a federal court. Hence, it’s only a matter of time before Irvin gets his hands on the footage. Moreover, it’s a critical piece of evidence for the case.


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Earlier, the former Cowboys WR opened up about the whole incident, as he felt baffled by the whole accusation. According to him, he only had a friendly chat with the woman, which lasted approximately 45 seconds. Although Irvin did not remember the topic of the conversation, he seemed sure that he did nothing offensive during the meeting. Now, it will be interesting to see if they go for a settlement; or, if we just have to wait till the judge’s verdict.

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