Nicola Peltz, Brooklyn Beckham having ‘crisis talks’ with Victoria, David amid lawsuit drama

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Nicola Peltz, Brooklyn Beckham having ‘crisis talks’ with Victoria, David amid lawsuit drama

Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham are reportedly having “crisis talks” with Victoria Beckham and David Beckham since her father Nelson Peltz’s lawsuit against wedding planners has brought bad press.

The Transformers star has been branded “petty” and “spoiled” after the lawsuit disclosed her bridezilla behaviour with the wedding planners before she tied the knot with Brooklyn.

Nelson is suing Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba, demanding them to refund his $159k deposit, saying they let down his “world-famous actress” daughter, following which Nicola received severe backlash.

“This whole thing has been really upsetting for Brooklyn and Nicola,” a source close to the couple told the Heat Magazine.

“Nicola takes her image incredibly seriously and this latest round of bad press has turned them both into little short of a laughing stock and she’s freaking out.”

And even though the billionaire heiress was not on good terms with her fashion designer mom-in-law, she has been asking her for help in times of crises.

“She’s come out of this wedding saga looking like a spoiled brat,” the insider said. “She and Brooklyn have been holding crisis talks with Vic and David, who know better than anyone how to get through a big scandal.”

“They’ve learned that it’s best to say nothing and take the high road whenever possible,” the insider spoke of Victoria and her husband David Beckham.

One of the revelations from the lawsuit was that Nicola and her mom Claudia Peltz kept the issues with the wedding planners a secret from Victoria but it seems like she is the only one who can help.

“Vic is giving them tough love and has told them everything she knows about how to survive a scandal in the spotlight,” the source said.

“It’s put both of them at ease because Vic really has lived through it all, being married to David. But while she is happy to help, Vic still feels a little under-appreciated by them both.”

“She’s hoping that with all this going on, it will bring them closer. Harper, Cruz, and Romeo are all desperately missing their brother still.”

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