“People Just Do the Exercise”: Serbian Bodybuilding Legend Points Out the Basic Mistake That Most Gym-Goers Make in Their Fitness Regimen

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Misconceptions regarding having to lift the heaviest or grind in the gym for hours on end for one to succeed in bodybuilding are very common. However, bodybuilding coaches and experienced bodybuilders like Milos Sarcev have talked about how this is not always the case. According to them, technique and precision while exercising should get more priority than the weight that is being lifted.

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Milos Sarcev, the former Serbian bodybuilder has been one of the most active bodybuilders during his time. After retiring, the bodybuilder has turned into a very successful and revered coach who imparts great fitness knowledge and skills.

Milos Sarcev’s advice on exercising


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Milos Sarcev recently was part of a podcast with James Graham Hollingshead and Christopher Tuttle. In a short clip from the conversation, Sarcev was seen talking about how bodybuilders these days have the wrong notion of thinking that the only purpose of exercises is to feel the muscle pop while working out. Hence to dismiss their wrong ideas, the bodybuilder commented, “People just do the exercise. Okay Bench Press, Incline Press, this press, whatever. And they don’t feel the muscle and keep doing it.”

Sarcev’s point of view reflect in the caption as well which implored one to focus more on precision and ‘feel the muscle.’ The caption went, “It’s not just about lifting heavy; it’s the precision in movement and quality of contraction that truly builds muscle.”

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Milos Sarcev, despite being one of the most well-known bodybuilders in the industry, was star-struck recently when he came across UFC royalty.


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Milos Sarcev meets Joe Rogan and Dan White 

At the UFC Fight Night, only a few days ago, Sarcev met Joe Rogan and Dana White and posted photos from the event with a rather heartwarming message. The 59-year-old coach thanked White for having him introduced to Joe Rogan. He wrote, “Thank you @danawhite for making it even more special – introducing me to @joerogan and giving me absolutely the best seat in the house.” He then further added, “One hundred percent! Privileged beyond belief.”

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Like Sarcev makes one realize, working hard is required for bodybuilding. But simply going through the motions while working out will not really help you in the long run. This is why experts in the fields have always promoted precision over extremely long hours in the gym. Do you agree with such thoughts?

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