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This Pokemon Go player is winning and twinning in coordinated fits with their Buddy Pokemon.

In the six years since it was first released, Pokemon Go has dropped plenty of fashionable avatar customization options.

If you have the time and the Pokecoins to spare, you could put together a different stylish OOTD every time you venture out to your local Gym or Pokestop. What better source of inspiration is there for your fashion exploits than your Buddy Pokemon? After all, they appear alongside your avatar on your profile screen.

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In line with the spirit of Pokemon Go Fashion Week, one player took to the Pokemon Go subreddit share some mighty cute examples of their avatar rocking closet cosplays of their Buddy Pokemon. In each of the nine screenshots, they posted showing the dripped-out duo, their Trainer sports hairstyles, clothing, and accessories that are cleverly coordinated with their Pokemon of choice.

Pokemon Go player decks their avatar out to match their Buddy Pokemon

Naturally, some of the ensembles feature pieces like the Pawmo backpack or the Tsareena boots which are deliberately based on that Pokemon. In cases where obvious choices like these were unavailable, the player opted to more abstractly capture the color scheme or shape language of the creature.

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For example, their Larvesta look combines a platinum spiky hairdo and a bold red coord with pointed silver chevrons which — particularly when paired with the Sparkler pose — excellently captures the distinct look of this Bug/Fire type Pokemon.

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Some Buddy outfits required a little outside-of-the-box thinking and involved adding clothing items that were added to the game with entirely different Pokemon in mind.

For example, the Pumpkaboo scarf’s makes for a superb addition to a Tyrunt-inspired ensemble. Sure, these two Pokemon are usually quite different in appearance. However, the Pokemon Go accessory’s woodsy color scheme and pointed tassels echo the Rock/Dragon’s grey-brown body and angular claws.

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Meanwhile, the player’s Tsareena look boasts some picture-perfect footwear but they did have to make an adaptation by adding some accessories from an earlier evolution. Thankfully, the inclusion of the Bounsweet headgear fully sells the leafy, plant-like appearance of this Grass type.

Commenters on the post were totally enamored with the player’s charming fashion and offered compliments like, “You win fashion week!” and “Can’t believe I never thought of this, thanks for inspiring me to do it too, I love it!”

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One reply pointed out that there’s a whole community dedicated to Pokemon Go fashion, so there’s plenty more content to inspire you if you’re hoping to put together your own get-ups.

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