Police confiscate and quarantine pit bulls after Lynn man attacked

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LYNN – Lynn Police have confiscated surveillance footage and two pit bulls after an apparent attack on Cottage Street.

Police tell WBZ they responded to the bike path near 70 Cottage Street on November 12 around 7 PM. When they arrived, they found a 68-year-old man with serious facial injuries “who reported being attacked by two loose pit bull dogs as he walked on the bike path,” according to Lt. Richard Connick.

According to a search warrant obtained by WBZ, the victim’s “left ear had been removed, part of his nose had been torn off, and his face was covered in blood.”

“It was shocking,” said John Chlopek, who lives nearby and called 911 when he heard the victim in distress. “It’s too bad. I feel bad for the dogs, but.. it’s not always the dog’s fault, it’s the owners too,” he said.

The victim was transported to the hospital. His roommate told WBZ he is recovering there and is expected to be OK. “I guess he’s going to need a prosthetic ear. Like it was bad, but he’s doing all right,” Jeff Francois said. 

“He’s a good guy. He’s very thoughtful. Very nice. Hopefully he will be alright.”

According to the search warrant, police had reason to believe the dogs were living inside of a barber shop across the street from the attack. 

Pit bulls Lynn
Pit bulls that were confiscated by police after attack in Lynn

CBS Boston

The shop was closed and locked when WBZ visited, but had several signs saying “beware of dog” on the door.

Police believe the owner of the barber shop also owns the dogs. When they approached the shop, they say they observed one dog with apparent blood on its snout.

Police received the search warrant to confiscate both surveillance video from the barbershop as well as the two dogs, who police are now holding in quarantine while the investigation proceeds. 

“I have probable cause to believe that public safety is in jeopardy on account of the dangerousness of the dogs in question,” the police officer wrote in the search warrant application. 

“The dogs’ size, strength, and unprovoked attack make them an increased risk for dangerousness – all with the proximity of the local playground and with small children as neighbors.”

The dogs’ owner has not been criminally charged in this case. He is already in jail facing charges for an unrelated assault that occurred in October 2022.

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