Prince Harry, Meghan Markle knew they ‘couldn’t have both’ US and UK

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle have reportedly had to “say goodbye to their old life, and all the nice things it afforded”, for the chance to rub shoulders with AAA listers.

Royal commentator and expert Jan Moir made these admissions.

The claims came as part of a piece for the Mail Online and it spoke of their newfound celebrity.

Per Ms Moir, “This week the couple were out in California, snapped by the paparazzi as they entered San Vicente Bungalows, a private members’ club which boasts the motto ‘privacy is the new luxury’.”

“Meghan wasn’t carrying her Stop Looking At Us placard, which was a shame. But she was wearing thousands of pounds worth of high-end fashion, while Harry looked rich and relaxed; together they practically pulsated with an intense, cultivated glamour. This is the life they wanted; the vegan leather trousers and the celebrity status, rubbing shoulders with AAA-list stars at an ultra-exclusive Hollywood hotspot.”

“And to get this new life, they had to say goodbye to their old life, and all the nice things it afforded.”

“Surely one day soon they will realise that they can’t have both. And that some letters from America are more poisonous than most.”

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