PUMA Brand Ambassador and NBA Player Kyle Kuzma Talks all Things Fashion and PUMA

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NBA player Kyle Kuzma is renowned not only for his prowess on the basketball court but also for his keen eye for fashion. Embracing a style that effortlessly blends streetwear with high fashion, Kuzma has become a prominent figure in the world of athlete fashion landing him an ambassadorship with the PUMA brand. Known for his bold choices and fearless experimentation with trends, he often graces red carpets and social media platforms with his distinctive looks, showcasing a unique sense of self-expression. Kuzma’s love for fashion extends beyond mere clothing; it’s a form of personal expression and empowerment, allowing him to command attention both on and off the court.

This fall/winter 24 collection commemorated the return of the convention-defying Mostro sneaker, originally introduced in 1999 and derived from the Italian word for ‘monster.’ Drawing inspiration from PUMA’s rich heritage, the Mostro boasts iconic design elements like its distinctive spiked sole and adaptable strap closure. The brand showcased a range of custom and commercial pieces that are perfectly complementing the spotlight on the Mostro. A true fusion of athleticism and style, the Mostro exemplifies PUMA’s position at the forefront of the intersection between sportswear and fashion.

In his role as a brand ambassador for Puma, Kyle Kuzma sat down with EBONY to delve into the origins of his passion for fashion, his collaboration with Puma, and his top picks from the collection. From discussing his earliest influences in fashion to sharing insights into his creative process with Puma, Kuzma offers a glimpse into his sartorial journey and the symbiotic relationship between sports and style. Explore the full conversation below as he shares his unique perspective on blending athleticism with impeccable style.

EBONY: Where did your interest in fashion begin? 

Kyle Kuzma: My initial love for fashion actually came from my grandmother. Growing up, every Sunday, she’d take me to church and we’d get all dressed up. I started falling in love with the process of putting together looks, finding the pieces I felt the best in, and really showing my personality through my looks. So, a lot of credit for my interest in fashion goes to her.

How does it feel working with PUMA? 

PUMA has been an unbelievable partner for me, both on and off the court. On the court, the product is incredible. They’re always innovating and working towards perfection, never satisfied with just being good. That’s something that really resonates with me because I’m always working hard to take myself to the next level too. Off the court, PUMA is a great fit for me from a cultural perspective. They not only support me, but also understand I’m more than an athlete and together we’ve designed several apparel and footwear collections with my own fashion brand Childhood Dreams. 

What are your favorite pieces and what do you see yourself wearing? 

There are so many incredible pieces in this collection, but I have to give a special shout out to my guy Heiko Desens and his team who I worked with on a custom look. We took the classic bomber jacket and elevated it by using a premium coated ‘leather’ material and giving it a boxy, cropped look. We wanted to disrupt traditional tailoring rules by pairing the shortened jacket with oversized tracksuit pants, which allows the look to really pop.

How would you style the Mostro sneaker for a hallway fit pic? 

Even with a unique, cutting-edge design, the Mostro is such a versatile sneaker, and there’s so many ways you could go when it comes to styling. I definitely have some big ideas, but I really can’t be giving too much away. You’ll just have to wait and see.

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