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Rishabh Sabarwal

According to numerous reveals, it seems scrapped Palworld content including rideable carts, village destruction and more could be coming soon to the game. Here’s the full list.

Palworld has been one of the surprise hits in the gaming world. Pocket Pair, an independent Japanese developer, has given fans what they wanted most – a game that features Pokemon with guns.

However, in this game, the creatures are known as Pals and can be captured through combat and used to do tasks for players. Furthermore, the game has topped the Steam player charts, outperforming AAA titles such as Elden Ring, Remnant II, and others.

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Pocket Pair

Palworld players can’t shave Lambals as of yet to obtain wool.

Palworld has received widespread acclaim for its creative and fascinating gameplay, which keeps players glued to their screens for hours. However, some players are looking back at the game’s debut trailer and noticing certain elements that were scrapped during the release.

This encouraged them to hope that they might return to the game soon. Here are all of the features they discovered thus far.

Rideable carts, village destruction, and more rumored to arrive in Palworld

A Reddit user named Unhappy_Panic_1875 revealed 20 features that were removed during Palworld’s development but were featured in the game’s very first trailer. They also revealed that these may be returning soon as more updates are added to the game.

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Here’s a full list of Palworld features spotted in the first trailer and are missing from the current game build:

  1. Rideable cart pulled by Direhowls
  2. Advanced Pengullet building system
  3. Great house architecture
  4. Shaving Lambals to obtain wool
  5. Mozzarina mowing down crops of wheat
  6. Direhowl belly rubs
  7. Pals transportation cage
  8. Village destruction
  9. Jormuntide’s trainer
  10. Sniper rifle with scope feature
  11. Lasso to immobilize Pals
  12. Improved gardening
  13. Build a Rocket
  14. Be able to travel with a huge Whale Pal
  15. Floating sky kingdom
  16. Bad guys hideout
  17. Fighting arena
  18. Fishing with Jolthog
  19. Ships
  20. Mysterious portal

Several existing Palworld players and fans were left astounded by the scrapped features and pitched in their own thoughts on the same. One such player said, “Farming right now is just too “simple”. It would make sense if there were certain tools/construction that would improve farming.”

Another chimed in, “I think they will likely release lvl 50-60 area with new technologies (likely flamethrowers as I think laser technologies will be saved for much much later) in the future after they do major bugfixes.”

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A third user argued, “The first trailer was likely mostly concepts and ideas that hadn’t been coded. Very common in this field. It’s what the game could be, but ultimately not what they had coded nor what they coded.”

Regardless of the arguments made by some players who are claiming these features would never appear in the game, others still have faith in Pocket Pair to deliver them incredible future updates.

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