Seasonal hiring reportedly down as holiday shopping rush begins:

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As the holiday shopping rush begins, so does the hustle for seasonal work. However this year, it may be tough to make a few extra bucks.

Job search engine Indeed reports a 6% drop in posts for seasonal jobs nationwide compared to 2022, but a 19% increase in people looking for those jobs. 

Usually, it’s the big box stores that hire temp workers for the holidays, yet many small businesses are getting inquiries, too.



“We are seeing a lot of people coming to us asking if we are hiring for the holidays,” said Ally Fredeen, general manager of Stanley Marketplace in Aurora.

Yet retailers big and small don’t seem to need the extra help during the most important selling season. 

November and December are critical months for most businesses as they can account for upwards of a quarter of the retailer’s annual revenue.

“It’s that Q4, make or break for the entire year and so often with that comes staffing accordingly,” Fredeen told CBS News Colorado. “So many of our businesses are staffed up this holiday season, and it’s incredibly encouraging given what we’ve seen the last few years.”



During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers struggled to keep up and higher for a couple years. Now, the tide seems to have turned. 

Even big box stores and companies like UPS that usually have a high demand for seasonal staff are hiring fewer workers. A sign, perhaps, the red hot labor market is cooling.

“Overall, unemployment is low,” Fredeen explained. “We are seeing some of that pandemic aid and relief has dried up, so people are back to work and are hungry to work.”

Despite the decrease in seasonal job postings and opportunities, Fredeen said anyone looking for a temp job this holiday season shouldn’t be deterred.

“Some of our businesses still encourage you to visit and apply,” she said. “Pop in and submit a resume.”

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