Spirit Airlines passenger caught on video leaping over seats in rush to deplane: ‘Touch me motherf–ker’

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It’s Spirit, not Spirited.

A hopping mad passenger flying the notorious discount carrier redefined the concept of the “jump seat” when he leapt over his fellow travelers in hopes of speeding up the deplaning process — sparking yet another onboard confrontation.

Video of the incident was originally shared on Instagram by dj1_roscoe, but has since gone viral across social media, notably appearing on the ever-popular Instagram page “Passenger Shaming.”

The expletive-filled clip, captioned “only on Spirit,” shows a black-hooded man in a mask springing out of his seat upon the budget airline’s arrival at an undisclosed destination.

His action appears to surprise his cabin mates, given that most are still seated and the disembarkation process has yet to begin in earnest.

The seat jumper makes his move. Instagram/dj1_roscoe

Unfortunately for the hurried human, his neighbor, a man in an orange shirt, refuses to assist him in making his hasty exit.

Fed up, the terribly-mannered traveler merely jumps over the fleshly obstacle, prompting the seatmate to exclaim: “What are you doing?”

That’s when the seat hurdler unleashes a tirade of profanity on the helpless man. “Touch me again and see what the f–k happens,” he threatens. “Touch me motherf–ker.”

Unfortunately for the potty-mouthed passenger, his flying leap has landed him just inches away in the aisle, with no escape.

The awkward situation appears to hit the orange-shirted man’s funny bone, leading him to tease the man who’s just threatened him, asking him if he’s now going to jump the rest of the passengers on the plane to get to the front.

The seat jumper proceeds to berate the man he leapfrogged. Instagram/dj1_roscoe

This prompts the masked man to retort, “I’ll wait right here. I’m not going to do what the f–k you tell me to do.”

Instagram had a field day with the antsy flyer’s antics with one critic writing, “Fly discount airlines, expect discount people.”

“Ngl I’m the white guy,” said another. “Wtf am i standing up for an extra 6-7 minutes when i can sit and wait my turn to get off the plane.”

“And now he’s 2′ closer to the door, winning!!” snarked a third.

Another critic analogized the hopping mad flyer to the “guy you keep seeing weaving between traffic without a turn signal, illegally using turn lanes and shoulders to blast around traffic…. but who you catch up to at every red light.”

Travel experts were divided over the proper airline etiquette in this scenario. ERIK S LESSER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Interestingly, some flyers empathized with the man’s need to get up despite not condoning his actions.

“Why do people get so heated over others wanting to stand after sitting in a cramped seat for hours,” argued one commiserator. “Obviously don’t step over someone but christ, everyone acts like people stand up and start spitting on those who stayed seated. Imagine getting upset cause some other people wanted to stand up. Grow up.”

“We. Are. Stretching. Our. Legs,” declared another.

“Sounds about SPIRIT,” quipped one commenter. Instagram/dj1_roscoe

Opinions on deplaning etiquette vary among flight experts. Former flight attendant Abbie Unger states that with some exceptions, disembarking should be done row by row.

Meanwhile, Lifehacker argues that aisle seaters should deplane first, followed by those occupying the middle and then finally the passengers in the window seat.

On the other side of the aisle, so to speak, popular travel blog “A View From the Wing” claims that passengers “don’t need to wait” for their row’s turn to deplane.

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