Study finds Marylanders willing to travel extreme distance for mom’s thanksgiving cooking

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From the allure of roast beef at Christmas, to the sizzle of BBQs on Labor Day and the tender succulence of Easter lamb, American home cooking is a tradition that kindles anticipation throughout the year.

Yet, it’s the Thanksgiving holiday that captivates the hearts of many as the quintessential culinary celebration

Hoping to capture the holiday spirit, Gunther Mazda with QuestionPro, conducted a nationwide survey to gauge how far Americans would be willing to go to savor their mother’s home cooked Thanksgiving feast.

The survey revealed some rather interesting results.

According to the study, the average American is willing to embark on a 4.6-hour journey for a taste of home.

Furthermore, the study said Marylanders are willing to travel 4.2 hours for mom’s Thanksgiving cooking.

If you thought that was a lot, then wait until you hear about Wyoming.

The survey uncovered that Wyoming residents are willing to drive an astonishing 14 hours to reunite with their family and feast.

While, Wyoming took the win, we can’t say the same about Rhode Islanders.

The Rhode Islanders were found to prefer proximity, with a maximum travel threshold of one hour.

Most respondents said 2 hours would be their the maximum travel time, making the findings even more fascinating.

The study didn’t stop there.

According to the report, when survey respondents were asked which Thanksgiving dish motivates them to pack up and hit the long road, 62% voted for the turkey.

Not far behind, with a 24% slice of the pie, were the pumpkin pie enthusiasts, ready to cross state lines for that perfect blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and creamy pumpkin goodness.

The humble stuffing, often a mosaic of family recipes and secret ingredients, enticed 10% of the folks to gear up for a gastronomic pilgrimage.

And in a surprising twist, a dedicated 4% professed their willingness to travel for the sweet, marshmallow-topped indulgence of sweet potato casserole, a dish that brings a touch of dessert to the dinner plate.

All information and study results credit to Gunther Mazda.

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