Study ranks best malls for Christmas shopping. How does Millcreek Mall stack up?

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It’s been a banner year for the Millcreek Mall, which was recognized in March by Journo Research, a British research company, as the best mall in America to seek safe shelter in a zombie apocalypse.

And now comes more recognition, again from a study performed by Journo Research, commissioned this time by Yocan Vaporizer. And as zombie apocalypses remain rare, this ranking might be more useful.

Among the nation’s largest shopping malls, this latest study ranks the Millcreek Mall, built in 1974, as the seventh-best mall for Christmas shopping.

The list was led by the Mall of America in Minnesota. Two Pennsylvania malls were among the top 10, including the Millcreek Mall and the King of Prussia Mall in third place.

The list of zombie-safe malls based its ratings on eight factors, including infection risk, access to medicine and the chance of rescue.

Rankings for Christmas shopping were based on a different set of criteria that included crowding, parking, hours of operation and number of stores and dining choices.

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