Taehyun from K-pop group TXT fanboys over BTS’ J-Hope

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The singer grew emotional while sharing the teaser

K-pop group TXT’s Taehyun took to social media to share his excitement over BTS’ J-Hope collaborating with J. Cole. BTS and J-Hope have mentioned J. Cole as a source of inspiration throughout the years.

They even recorded their own take on his song Born Sinner called Born Singer. J-Hope finally met the rapper at 2022 Lollapalooza and admitted that he is his muse.

Considering the group’s appreciation for the rapper, fans were elated when it was announced that the pair would be collaborating for J-Hope’s new song On The Street. Taehyun’s reaction was similar to BTS fans, as he took to social media to share the link for the teaser.

Along with the link, he wrote a caption expressing how emotional he feels about J-Hope getting to collaborate with his idol and also asked Cole when his album would be coming out. 

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