devil's due

What famous witch are you based on your zodiac sign?

With the sun in Scorpio and the fields fallow, ’tis the hallowed season of the witch and, thus, no finer time to explore the rich history of the outsider. From history, myth, folklore and fiction, we are casting an...

How to use a Ouija board — your guide to communing with the dead safely this Halloween

With Scorpio season in full swing and the veil between life and death at its most threadbare, many a curious soul will be seeking communion with the dearly departed — often via Ouija board. This enduring piece of Americana has...
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Plusgrade and Citilink Announce Partnership to Elevate Air Travel Experience and Boost Ancillary Revenue

Plusgrade and Citilink collaborate to enhance air travel with personalized experiences, focusing on maximizing ancillary revenue opportunities for the...
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