Can exercise ease anxiety? Study investigates the potentials and pitfalls of fitness as therapy

In a recent study published in the journal Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases, researchers explore whether exercise could be used to treat anxiety. Study: Is exercise a viable therapy for...

Small Businesses Face Big Tax Bills From Research-Deduction Change

Laura Lynn Gonzalez expected a tax refund this year, after her two-employee data-visualization company experienced a $30,000 loss. Instead, she said, she is facing a $100,000 federal tax bill that is about as large as her 2022 salary. Ms. Gonzalez’s...
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Can a Side Hustle Be a ‘Proper’ Job? | Essay

by Alexandrea J. Ravenelle | February 29, 2024 This piece publishes as part of the Zócalo/The James Irvine Foundation public program and editorial series,...
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