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The Light class continues to be a talking point amongst The Finals fans, as players remain divided on whether the class needs buffs or not.

Embark Studios shocked the 2023 Game Awards with a surprise launch of The Finals, a new free-to-play FPS from Battlefield veterans. In the game, contestants participate in a game show and must complete various objectives to proceed to the next round and eventually win the game.

Watching or playing The Finals shows its Battlefield roots, as the playable arenas are torn apart in seconds. Much like the storied FPS, players can choose from a variety of classes to give their team the edge in-game.

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Now that the game is out, it seems the Light class has caused quite a commotion among the player base.

The Finals players discuss the Light class

In The Finals, players can choose between three classes: Light, Medium, or Heavy. As the names imply, each boasts benefits and tradeoffs, such as the Light being much more mobile yet weaker, while the Heavy is slower but more resilient and durable.

Now that the full game is out, the player count is through the roof, and fan feedback is flooding in. One particular feedback has been from fans upset with the Light class. Search through the Reddit threads, and it’s flooded with rework ideas or posts stating it’s weaker than the other two.

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However, The Finals player, Left-Gur7210, shared a different opinion of the class. “You’re playing light wrong,” they shared, as they stated it’s meant to be a “glass cannon” to pepper away at foes with its quicker movement.

Many of the comments shared a similar opinion, as one shared: “People come into this game not realizing that it’s a TEAM-based shooter, meaning you’re meant to usually be with your team.” Adding on to that, one player said: “I think this is one of the most teamwork-oriented games I’ve ever played. If your team isn’t working together you’re going to get melted every time.”

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While a blanket generalization, many of the comments targeted players who lost their 1v1 fights. “I guess that the basic mindset for a lot of FPS games is that the majority aims to be the top fragger, and then make direct comparisons based on that metric alone,” another stated.

We’ll see if Embark Studios plans to update the Light class, so stay tuned to our coverage of The Finals.

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