This Genius Anti-theft Hack Has Saved Travelers From Being Pickpocketed — and It’s Only $10

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Being pickpocketed is undeniably a worst-case scenario when traveling, especially if you’re in a foreign country where you’re relying on your phone for navigation, translation, and even as a means of payment. Of course you can zip your phone away into your purse or slip it into the front pocket of your pants, but there’s always the chance that as a tourist you may still be a target for theft. However, we’ve found a genius solution for keeping your phone safe not only from pickpockets, but also from being dropped: the Outxe Phone Lanyard Tether.

Currently on sale at Amazon for just $10, this high-quality lanyard effortlessly attaches to the inside of your purse or belt loop to keep your phone firmly secured to your person, acting as an effective deterrent while you’re on the go.

Outxe Phone Lanyard Tether


This reliable lanyard is designed with a stretchy, tear-resistant material that’s affixed to a reinforced metal ring and clip to keep your phone firmly attached to your bag or pants at all times. The device is easily installed by sticking the durable pad to the back of your phone, and simply clipping the lanyard to a ring at the base of the attachment. That way, if a pickpocket were to snag your phone from your pocket, they would quickly find that it’s actually clipped to your belt loop, making it more difficult to get away with your belongings. 

Each set comes with four sticky patches as well as two silver lanyards, making this the perfect reusable failsafe against theft for any vacation you may have on the horizon. The device is compatible with all cell phones, and has no impact on the charging port or functionality of your device. And when it’s not being used for travel, you can even use the lanyard as a protective key loop as well.

Outxe Phone Lanyard Tether


Amazon shoppers have confirmed that this tether is an excellent anti-theft measure, with one customer sharing that it was not only “super secure,” but even protected their phone from breaking when it was dropped. They explained that their phone has repeatedly “slipped” from their fingers, but thankfully the “cord acted like a bungee to keep it from hitting the ground.” Another reviewer agreed, noting that they “took this on a trip to Italy,” to ward off potential pickpockets, and the adhesive patch and cord “sticks very well” and made sure their “phone was secure.”

Even active travelers have shared their love of this safety hack, with one person raving that it has “saved” their phone “several times already,” as they “like to take [pictures] while kayaking,” and the device stopped their phone “from going into the water.” Another person revealed that they took this bungee along with them during a hot air balloon ride, dubbing it the “best phone saver ever” because it “definitely felt reassuring that if it were dropped, it would not go into the lake below.” 

Outxe Phone Lanyard Tether


Being proactive in eliminating the threat of theft is a great way to ensure peace of mind while traveling, and the Outxe Phone Lanyard Tether is the best tool for keeping your phone firmly in your possession throughout the duration of your trip. This secure, durable, and reliable bungee is currently on sale for half off at Amazon, so you can transition into the next season of adventures with the assurance that your most important piece of technology will remain safe from pickpockets and being dropped.

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At the time of publishing, the price started at $10. 

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