True/False: Columbia businesses busy, but happy to see different cultures represented

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COLUMBIA – True/False Film Fest is back in Columbia this weekend. While for attendees it means a weekend to relax and expand cultural knowledge, downtown business owner are extending their services and multiplying their resources to make sure every resident and visitor is well served.

On Thursday, business owners opened up ready for the expected large crowds: some with doubled staff at the forefront, some with extra stock, some with extended hours and some with all of the above.

The fest runs from March 2 to March 5, bringing documentary filmmakers and thousands of this genre’s fans to Columbia.

This year, attendees can count on being exposed to more diversity, since 59% of the selected film’s directors are women and 55% of the documentaries were directed by people of color.

Shortwave Coffee is extending its operating hours until 10 p.m. throughout the festival weekend to accommodate the large crowd expected. 

Those statistics are receiving praise from the community, and among them is Sare Schuh, a downtown Columbia barista who says they are happy to see any minority group having more exposure, in any field, but in media especially.

Around 10 Latinx films will be exhibited this weekend. A downtown Latin employee, who only wanted to be quoted, said seeing this representation makes her feel even more proud of her heritage.

To her, the upcoming weekend is expected to be particularly stressful, since sometimes costumers may not want to leave the premises, even when it is time to close doors.

Whereas for Schuh, this is their first True/False Fest working behind the counter. They expect the coffee shop to be crowded, perhaps even more than last year.

“True/False is definitely always a lot busier, and it’s a lot crazier downtown, so it’s definitely more chaotic, and we are usually extra staffed up and extra stocked up, because we get a huge rush in business this weekend,” Schuh said.

To know more about this documentary festival, especially for tickets acquisition, more information can be found on the organization’s website.

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