What to know about a new, bigger Trader Joe’s in Back Bay

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It’s only half a mile away from another Back Bay Trader Joe’s, but will be bigger and sell alcohol.

Another Trader Joe’s is coming to Back Bay. Katelyn Umholtz/Boston.com

Another Trader Joe’s is coming to Back Bay — only half a mile away from an existing grocery store — but this time it’ll be bigger and with more offerings. 

The store is still under construction, but its store sign was up at 500 Boylston St., as well as taped signs on its door that said the store was hiring. 

A Trader Joe’s spokesperson also confirmed the store was coming soon, but said they weren’t ready to give additional details about the new location.

Here’s what we do know — and don’t know — ahead of its opening.

The new Trader Joe’s space

One of the main differences between the new shop and the other Back Bay Trader Joe’s — located at 899 Boylston St. — is its size. 

According to a press release from Trader Joe’s, the new Boylston location is 11,486 square feet. Meanwhile, the nearby Trader Joe’s claims it’s the “Smallest Trader Joe’s in the known universe,” according to Business Insider

The new grocery store will neighbor other 500 Boylston commercial tenants, such as the Wayfair corporate office, Juice Press, and a SoulCycle. 

The new Trader Joe’s offerings

Expect the same Trader Joe’s-label products, like the popular dark chocolate peanut butter cups or the frozen Mandarin orange chicken — except maybe more room to shop, given the larger space.

But this location of the grocery chain will also differ from the other Boylston location for another reason: the City of Boston approved its license to sell alcohol

Shoppers can pick from options like their famous “Two Buck Chuck” wines or craft beers, but this store will also sell liquor. 

Of the 21 locations currently open in Massachusetts, only eight Trader Joe’s sell either beer and wine or beer, wine, and liquor. The only other Boston store that has a liquor license is the Allston location. 

The new Trader Joe’s opening date

A press release from Trader Joe’s on May 14 confirmed the new store’s opening date as Thursday, May 23, when the store will hold a brief ceremony. The Back Bay grocery store is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

The new store has been in the works since at least May 2023, when its liquor license was approved by the Licensing Board.

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