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Astute and outgoing, Gemini is the friend who’s always on the move and sharing the most envious photos on their Socials. Always yearning and hungry for new sensations and experiences to stimulate them, Gemini makes for an extremely active, cool, and connected friend. Gemini’s nature isn’t as straightforward to describe as many of the other zodiac signs. This could be because their innate nature, being air signs, is extremely adaptable and constantly in a state of flux. In short, what you can rely on Gemini for most is that they’re constantly changing, evolving, and expanding. Rather than be anchored by tradition or societal norms, Gemini follows the path of the frontiersman and the outlier.

You can always rely on Gemini to introduce you to the coolest new music, places to hang out, and trendiest fashion. They’re most likely to start using the latest slang and don’t hesitate when it comes to getting into the most recent viral trend. If you’re not down for keeping up, Gemini will get bored and dismiss you from their friend group, which is also always changing.

For this reason, those born under this sign are most likely to get along with Aries, Leo, and Aquarius. Least likely to get along with Gemini are Virgo and Capricorn, who’ll both find Gemini an unattractive friend due to their lack of practicality and ever-changing states.

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