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Resting at the base of your spine in the pelvic area, your root chakra, Muladhara, lays the foundation for other chakras. True to its name, this chakra is tied to many of our most basic needs, including feelings of stability, safety, purpose, and grounding. Like the roots of a tree, the root chakra keeps you steady and connected to both your inner and outer world.

As it’s also associated with our ability to survive and flourish, it’s important to keep this chakra open and allow energy to flow smoothly through. Emotionally speaking, proponents believe that a blocked or imbalanced root chakra can contribute to depression, anxiety, poor motivation, and an inability to focus (via Anahana Wellness). And if you believe that chakras can affect your physical well-being, look out for symptoms like pelvic pain, weight fluctuation, constipation, or incontinence, which spiritualists also link to problems with the root chakra.

There are various approaches toward restoring harmony to this first and extremely important chakra. For instance, try incorporating mantras that reaffirm your safety and stability. And because the root chakra is associated with earth and the color red, consider using this imagery in your meditation. For example, you could visualize a warm, red glow at the base of your spine, extending tendrils into the ground beneath you and repairing your connection to the planet.

The Yoga Nomads suggest that you can also enjoy foods that are associated with earth, like root vegetables, and practice yoga poses that emphasize your lower body, such as a mountain pose. To try this technique, stand straight and focus on the feeling of your feet against the ground. Put strength into your legs and core while allowing your upper body and face to relax.

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