Aquarius Horoscope Today: May 21, 2024

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This is the season to prioritise joy and pursue pleasure. Make time for what lights you up—whether it’s dancing to your favourite tunes, indulging in a wholesome meal, or spending time with your bestie(s)! As such, celebrations and social gatherings promise to be a highlight in the days to come. You don’t have to wait for a birthday or anniversary to come around! Plan a get-together with your soul crew or head outdoors for some fun and frolic! If you’re single, this is also the perfect time to meet new people. for Aquarians in a situationship, though, things could get a bit tricky around here with the presence of a third party in the cards. Word for the wise: let your communication be clear with yourself and the other.

Cosmic tip: This is the season to prioritise joy and pursue pleasure. 

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