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WEEK OF May 20 – 26, 2024

It’s finally safe to venture beyond home base and rediscover a world of fun and adventure that’s waiting for you. On Monday, May 20, the Sun exits your domestic fourth house and turns your attention to far more passionate and creative pursuits. Until (at least) June 20, love is in the air, and you’ll have to work hard to not get swept up in these amorous waves. You might be ready to take a next step with bae or, if you’re single, let yourself get carried away with a new person of interest. But to access those depths of emotion, you need to have a good self-love game. If you haven’t already, it’s time to make YOUR happiness your top priority. Small gestures, like getting a mid-week massage and buying yourself flowers, add up to a healthy self-regard. Flex your flirting muscles and enjoy the attention that inevitably comes when you put your most authentic self out there. If romance isn’t uppermost on your mind, lean into your creative side and make (or perform) art for art’s sake! For Water Bearers with bambinos on the brain, this is an especially “ripe” time since the fifth house rules fertility. Just spending time with the kids in your world will help refresh your own playful side and sense of childlike wonder.

Thursday’s full moon in Sagittarius and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology might be your favorite full moon of the year! This chart sector is the natural home of your eclectic sign, putting you squarely in your element for a few weeks—if not months. Adding to the fun, that same day, Venus joins the Sun, intensifying your Gemini solar power until June 17. As a chummy air sign, you value your friends, colleagues and all kindred spirits, yet this once-a-year lunar lift in your house of group activity is a special moment to celebrate the folks you cherish most. Make a point over the coming few weeks to give public shout-outs or sincere thanks to everyone who’s supported you this year. If one person went the extra mile, treat them to lunch or a massage. On the flip side, these illuminating moonbeams can reveal collaborations that aren’t cutting it for you anymore. Don’t feel bad if you need some time away from a certain crew. You thrive on novelty, Aquarius, so consider this a personal green light to stretch a bit and get to know new people and organizations.

If you’ve been preparing for your proverbial closeup, get yourself camera-ready stat! On Saturday, expansive, auspicious Jupiter beams into Gemini for 12 months, joining the Sun and Venus in your star-powered fifth house. This moment hasn’t arrived in over a decade, so get out there and show the world what you’re capable of. While you’re not a showboater by nature, for the next year, center stage is where you’ll belong. Stop worrying what others will think about you and focus on sharing your divine gifts with the world. Don’t be surprised if the media, or an enthusiastic fanbase, comes a-knocking.

Working with children is another hallmark of this Jupiter cycle—especially in an educational capacity. If you’ve entertained the idea of getting a teaching certificate, Jupiter may send you back to school. Or, since the fifth house is your fertility zone, you might catch baby fever—and wind up pregnant. If you’re dealing with fertility challenges, Jupiter can bring more than just a ray of hope for conception or a divinely delivered adoption. Your romantic life will be blessed by this Jupiter phase for the coming 12 months. Single? You could attract someone who matches your intellect and can roll with your eclectic ideas. You might just meet your soulmate while on vacation or decide to relocate in the name of love. Attached? Bring the glamour back to your union. Host parties together, enjoy (at least) one official date night each week, and surprise each other with fun and artsy plans.

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