Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Robot Gets a Shocking Upgrade

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Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Robot Gets a Shocking Upgrade

Boston Dynamics has just unveiled a fully electric version of their well-known Atlas robot. This news comes barely 24 hours after it ditched and retired its hydraulic model. Boston Dynamics claims the electric Atlas is not only stronger but also boasts a wider range of motion than its predecessor. This new version has been designed specifically with real-world applications in mind and, according to reports, auto giant Hyundai has already agreed to use the electric Atlas in its factory. The tie-up with Hyundai clearly shows that Boston Dynamics has huge commercial ambitions for its electric Atlas. Overall, the electric Atlas is a significant development in the field of humanoid robotics and could pave the way for even more capable and versatile robots in the future.     `


TikTok Notes starts rolling out as a new competitor to Instagram

TikTok has started rolling out a new app called ‘TikTok Notes,’ which is seen as a direct competitor to Instagram. It’s currently in the early stages of development and is only available for download and testing by a select group of users in Canada and Australia. Screenshots leaked by users suggest the app will have a grid layout similar to Instagram, but with the addition of headlines for images. There might be other features as well, but details are scarce at the moment. This launch marks TikTok’s entry into the photo-sharing territory, which has been dominated by Instagram for a long time. It will be interesting to see how users respond to TikTok Notes and if it can steal some thunder from Instagram.


Snap plans to add watermarks to AI generated images

Snap, the company behind the popular social media platform Snapchat, is planning to implement watermarks on images generated using its AI tools. Snap will add a watermark consisting of its logo with a sparkle icon. This watermark will be visible whenever an AI-generated image is exported, downloaded, or saved to the user’s camera roll. This way, anyone who receives the image will be aware of its AI-origin, both within Snapchat and on other platforms. Following this feature, Snap now joins other tech giants like Microsoft, Meta, and Google in adopting measures to identify AI-generated content. However, Snap hasn’t still revealed how they will handle attempts to remove the watermarks from images.


Twitter Ban: Pakistan Temporarily bans Elon Musk’s X

According to reports, Pakistan has imposed temporary ban on microblogging platform ‘X,’ previously known as Twitter. Pakistani government has cited national security concerns for imposing this ban. According to Pakistani officials, “hostile elements” were using X to destabilize the country. They claimed that these elements aimed to create “chaos and anarchy” across the country. It’s not entirely clear how the ban is being enforced, but it likely involves blocking access to X’s servers through Pakistani internet service providers. It’s uncertain how long the ban will last. Negotiations or a court challenge could potentially lead to X being unblocked in Pakistan.



Motorola is relaunching wooden phone back with its new Edge series

Motorola is bringing back the wooden phone designs in their new Edge series. The highest-spec model, the Motorola Edge 50 Ultra, is the one available with the wooden back option. The wooden back panel, alongside vegan leather, offers a more natural and stylish look compared to typical glass or metal phones. This isn’t the first time Motorola has incorporated wood into their phone designs. They previously used it in their Moto X series. It seems Motorola is hoping to tap into a niche market that appreciates unique aesthetics and eco-friendly materials in their phones.

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