Boston leaders push for pothole repairs on private roads

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Boston City Council is looking to help homeowners along private roadways afford repairs.

Many of the city’s streets have fallen into disrepair as locals grapple with the costs associated with repaving.

District 5 City Councilor Enrique Pepen called for a hearing on the issue and says it’s critical to ease the strain on these constituents.

“It’s getting to a situation where it’s complicated for residents to come up with a solution or even afford it,” said Pepen.

Others on the Boston City Council expressed similar urgency, looking to take away those big price tags and make it easier on homeowners.

“Is there a potential for a program where we help them have access to the right vendors?” asked City Councilor Sharon Durkan, who represents District 8. “A lot of times the ballooning of price is because you’re asking them to do just one street. The city has a lot of bulk purchasing power.”

The Committee on Planning, Development and Transportation is taking up the issue and will be scheduling a hearing in the coming weeks.

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