Boston Marathon participants to have partly sunny, mild day for running

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BOSTON – Monday is the 128th Boston Marathon and runners will have a mild, mostly clear day ahead of them.

It’s one of the most “Boston” days of the year. Patriots’ Day, otherwise known as Marathon Monday, may just be one of the most fun days to be out in the city. The only potential fly in the ointment…the weather.

I will continue to assert my opinion that this race should be held in the fall. Imagine a cool, crisp October day, thousands of runners pouring down streets lined with beautiful autumn colors. Instead, we are stuck with April weather, which can be quite challenging.

We have had April marathons with extreme heat, bitter cold, soaking rain and even some snow!


CBS Boston

Many times, runners start out with mild conditions and a tail wind in Hopkinton only to be hit in the face with a sea breeze as they approach the city. Simply put, it’s quite rare to have a quiet, dry, pleasant day on Marathon Monday. This year, we are going to come pretty darn close!

What will Marathon Monday be like?

There was rain pushing through late in the day on Sunday into Sunday night. At times, heavier pockets of rain were present into the afternoon. But the good news is it cleared the area before dawn on Monday.

Thanks to the overnight clouds and sprinkles, temperatures will remain mild Monday. The early risers arriving at Hopkinton will be greeted by clearing skies and temperatures in the upper 40s around dawn. The clouds will quickly part, leaving a partly sunny day along the course.

Temperatures will rise quickly from the 50s into the 60s in the morning hours. Afternoon highs will top out in the mid 60s in most areas, including Boston (no sea breeze). There will even be a few spots that hit the 70s. Just about a picture-perfect day for spectators, likely a bit warmer than most runners would like.

Winds will generally be out west, something between a tail wind and a cross wind (NOT a head wind).


CBS Boston

What about the Red Sox game?

The forecast is the same over in Kenmore Square where the Red Sox and Guardians will throw the first pitch at around 11:10 a.m. Skies will be bright with some high, thin cirrus clouds at Fenway with temperatures rising from the upper 50s into the 60s.


CBS Boston

Enjoy the day!

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