Cancer Monthly Horoscope June-2024: Here is what astrological predictions tell about love, career and money

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Mars in the beginning of this month indicates the perfect time to really make a statement at your work place and in your business too.

Venus will give an upward push to your finances.

The initial phase of month could heavily test our commitment to love. You will be very much clear about how to proceed at this time with the choice or direction in your studies. Saturn will force you to improve your habits to improve your health status. As the month advances, at first glance, the situation will be developing favorably but the impact of North Node can be misleading. So, it will be necessary to keep yourself prepared. You shall come across new avenues to enhance your income but you have to act with some caution around the mid of this month.

Venus will bring a pleasant time as everything will go well in your love life this time around. Jupiter could prove to be a blessing for your studies. During the latter half of month, Jupiter will help you to maintain your situation at a decent level. Planets may boost your financial strength but if you make the mistake of squandering your money under the influence of North Node, you are likely to face the commitment pressure.

Mercury indicates that you could easily end up overthinking about your relationship.

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You might feel some distance in your current romantic relation. It will be necessary for you to postpone the implementation of some plans as Saturn might cause delay around the month end. It will be period to act with caution if you are doing business.

Some recent issues might cause a bit of a disruptions in your love life. Proper concentration and hard work may make you able to get good results in your studies. It will be essential to remain relax and continue regular practice of Yoga and Pranayama to negate the adverse impact of South Node.


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