Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Horoscope For May 22

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We have some wonderful things in store for love on Wednesday, May 22. Venus will speak to both lucky Jupiter and dynamic Uranus while the three of them are in the sign of Taurus. In relationships where problems surface, there’s an opportunity to work it out successfully. For those couples who want to learn something new about their mate, it’s the perfect day to schedule quality time for talking over a board game or going out for karaoke or trivia. To find out more about how Jupiter, Venus and Uranus influence your romantic relationships, check out your love forecast.

Each zodiac sign’s love horoscope for May 22:


Is one of your goals improved communication, Aries? It may feel uncomfortable to be vulnerable and risk hearing things you don’t want to hear in response, but today, you may benefit from remembering you are a team when in love, and the conflict is the issue at hand, not the direct person.

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Don’t compromise in relationships, Taurus. There can be a fluidity of differentiating beliefs, but don’t let your values easily be settled. If you know you want something, don’t be afraid to stand strong. You can be proud of your relationships when they are an extension of your morals.

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Expectations can kill the real love in a relationship, Gemini, especially the uncommunicated ones. Expectations are naturally formed as humans, but it is good to check ourselves, as unrealistic measures can be set or fit goodness into a box. Today may be the day you explain what you’d like in a relationship. Communicate your needs or desires. This way, you can prevent resentment and promote joy.

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Relationships are a beautiful part of life, Cancer; however, they can only be as healthy as the people in them. You may have felt a call to exit one to enter a development season. This will allow you to focus on yourself and water the parts needed in your life. Of course, this can be done in one, too, but needs are personal. Where are you in your current love journey? 

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Getting something you deeply desire may require you to step outside your comfort zone or try something you think is a little scary. Love can be this way, and you may find it hard to show a p person you care because it’s a new experience. Remember, the best relationships can start uphill. Friendships can grow stronger when they involve healing and helping each other grow. Today, aim to make new friends. You might start a passion project or talk about building a business together. To find out the possibilities, be willing to be vulnerable and see where the conversation goes.

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Love is your priority, but today it may take a backseat toward your personal goals and dreams. This is a wonderful opportunity to see how supportive and loving your significant other can be by allowing you the space you need to focus on a project, work, business building venture or school to ace an important test. You don’t always have to sacrifice your dreams to make your relationship work; sometimes, it’s best to ask for a little time to yourself during the day so you can give more of yourself later. In the end, when you’re happy, it’s a win for everyone. 

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Many of the skills that enhance your quality of life must be learned. For instance, self-love may not be something you were familiar with growing up. It may be something you must work at, rewiring behaviors and thought patterns. It can be a journey, but it is well worth it, Libra. A good place to start is noticing where you’re currently at. Identify where change is needed and tackle it as you can.


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Open up, Scorpio. It’s time to share a few secrets and enjoy the fun of getting to know a person you love. If you’re single, opening up about your past, including a few times you’ve made mistakes, can be a great ice breaker for a new friendship. Today, being shy and resevered can take a backseat to bravery and inner strength. You never really know someone until you know a secret, so consider doing so when you have a chance to divulge one.

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Falling in love is one of life’s pleasures, Sagittarius! Of course, it is also smart to be wise. Don’t stop something good from happening, but be careful where you can. Avoid getting hurt unnecessarily. This might look like listening to the response of your community around you, who might be able to see red flags you miss.

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Discipline can be true self-love, Capricorn. It can mean doing what’s best for your (future) self, even if your current one wants to give in short-term gratification. Today calls you to see where you stand on your health journey, based on how you show up for yourself alone. Maybe from here, you want to commit out of grace and love to honor yourself here and in the future.

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Planning a special date night out with your loved one is always a good investment of time. You create new positive memories and work to forget those who didn’t feel so good about your partnership. When you’re planning a night out, do little check-ins to see how your significant other is doing. See if they feel happy or tired. These may be signs that you can slow down and give your partner more attention and love. Make new memories and build on them.

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Your home life is a reflection of your inner health, and when you set boundaries with the people you live with it teaches mutual respect, self-love and security. Aim for authentic interactions rather than focus on people-pleasing or trying to be nice. Look for ways to be honest and helpful, even when it’s tough to do. You can be there for others and not lose who you are. It’s a balancing act, but you have the ability to manage it well.

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